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  1. One of the final five is probably the Necromancer from Castle Crashers.
  2. can I get the King head? my gamertag is IvanTheBrutal
  3. I've got Winston, Cat Control, Toothbrush, Car, Santa Claus, the Chicken... tons of heads. Mostly the earlier ones, though.
  4. Just wondering if we'll be getting new FF + star head today.
  5. So your point is... "Hi! I'm 'thatpikminguy'. Will you give me your Hope Diamond in exchange for this beetle I found on the ground a minute ago? Thanks, bye!"
  6. Last Friday's solo levels were far superior. They were well-designed, tough to beat, and made you feel like you earned the head once you completed it. Having beaten the entire game on Normal and Insane by myself, I thought that this Friday's solo levels were ridiculously easy and poorly designed. Most of them had tons of areas that you didn't even need to bother visiting because you could hop down, get 3 gems in about 5 seconds, and then hop back up and finish the level, ESPECIALLY the last 2 before the Finale. That's what I think.
  7. I considered the Arena update to be a mini-update as it wasn't the main levels. It's been 2 weeks since the main levels updated, and updates were promised to come at a maximum of 2 weeks apart. Are they going to update today or not?
  8. I'm thinking the same thing I'm only replying to this to say that you have an awesome signature. Don't Starve rules!
  9. I have similar feelings. I played with the C.C. Cardinal head for my entire Insane mode run so I'm really attached to it as well. Not to mention the fact that I'm way into birds
  10. Compare the design of the crown to the King's crown. It's identical. Golden zigzag pattern with darker fabric inside and a little button on top. Also, the head has no visible eyes, just like the king from CC. The head is obviously inspired by C.C., it's just not identical. The heads are small; they probably tried making one with eyebrows but it looked too complicated and hard to make out so they just gave him a beard.
  11. They should really add a sign saying 'I DON'T WANT TO TRADE YOU THAT'. It really pisses me off when I enter a game and all people ask me for is my Alien Hominid head that I will never give away.
  12. A few weeks back, he was leaked in a promotional video for Microsoft's 'Play to Earn' program. I'm really eager to unlock him; can you give any more information?
  13. Can't take all the credit! Donuts was drawn by Eric. I drew Winston. Winston is the one I want most. Sadly I need a competent friend... or any friends We swapped info earlier today and when it updated with the playlists, I invited you numerous times. You never came. Don't complain about needing a competent friend when you ignored the help of someone with a golden trophy >;/
  14. I second this. The longest I have ever had to wait for a full lobby is probably 5 minutes max.
  15. Heads-up; Official means that it is hosted by The Behemoth, which it is not. This is an Unofficial Ball Game Tournament, as it hosted by a player and not by the developers themselves. Not trying to hate or anything; I love the fact that you guys are creating these events on your own; just trying to make sure you know your title is misleading. If The Behemoth were to host a truly official Ball Game tournament, it could have special prizes and such. But this is not what this tournament is, so you shouldn't have referred to it as 'Official'. I suspect you just put Official in the title because it sounds cool and professional.
  16. Any news on when Furbottom's Feature will update with the new playlists and unlockable Star heads?
  17. Symmetry is important when designing fair maps. Don't forget to use the little tools in Section 1 of the LT (Left Trigger) menu that lets you place multiple blocks at once symmetrically.
  18. I think they should just implement a host migration system so that the only person who loses gems is the jerk who quits.
  19. No problem; I'm only 15 I'll get on my 360 and send you a friend request now. (unless you have already sent me one)
  20. Oh well. I don't think it will take long to complete the playlists anyway. The very first one was made by one of Behemoth's real level designers, so that's probably why it was challenging. And even that was pretty easy, at least in my opinion. Didn't take me long to beat it. Then again, I am one of probably several dozen people in the thousands of players who has beaten the game on both difficulty levels by myself, not to toot my own horn or anything. My only concern is finding a co-op partner who won't quit in the middle of it causing me to lose all of my progress (since Furbottom progress is stored completely online so if you quit you have to restart it). Anyone interested in doing the Feature with me when it's released later today? Perhaps you, BiPolarBear? My GT is IvanTheBrutal, so send me a friend request. If you have Halo 3 or Black Ops 2, we could play that for a while whilst we wait for the playlist to update.
  21. That might be too religious for them to be allowed to make it.