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  1. RogueDarkJedi

    List of Music and where to get it

    It's a really good song. I personally like the Chaos Japan (Pirate Ship) and the Race Around the World (End of Level song)
  2. RogueDarkJedi

    Dan Paladin's birthday!

    Me and my brother say.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YAY!
  3. RogueDarkJedi

    List of Music and where to get it

    The link is broken now! It's my favorite song too... does anyone have the mp3? It's in the unzipped folder.
  4. RogueDarkJedi

    List of Music and where to get it

    Some people do. The above have not been released by the Behemoth and would have to be ripped. However, the level clear song used in game just starts about 10-15 seconds in to the full length song.
  5. RogueDarkJedi

    Why is the green knight unique with YYY move

    "Makes the XXYY juggle completely impossible." I wouldn't say that. I think his XXYY is just fine. He throws down his enemy, which if you are pretty fast you can continue right away. "Makes the XYY juggle much harder to time." With lots of action on screen it is. If it's one or two enemies you can get it going for awhile.
  6. RogueDarkJedi

    List of Music and where to get it

    No Probs, I updated the original post with a list of music not from newgrounds and a message that says to check the unzipped folder.
  7. RogueDarkJedi

    List of Music and where to get it

    They are in the ZIP and unzipped folders. The list on the frontpage is all the links to the newgrounds music. Additional music is in the zipped and unzipped.
  8. RogueDarkJedi

    Is the Green Knight good?

    Who could hate the wonderful green knight? I mean, he even farts.
  9. RogueDarkJedi

    Batman Arkam Asylum UK Collectors edition (RAGE POST)

    Wow. Even the marketing blurb states you get the disk in a "hi-tech" sleeve that's been patented, copyrighted and trademarked to withstand anything within the next decade. Also:
  10. RogueDarkJedi

    Cheep Arena Players

    Are you sure no pets work in the air? Also, Juggling can stop Rammy from attacking you, Rammy can only hurt you if your on ground. What about lazer eye? I'm pretty sure he attacks in the air. You'll get a brief moment of pause to hit the attacker and do what you need to do.
  11. RogueDarkJedi

    The Directory

    I try. You lucky. Go "List of Music and where to get it"!
  12. RogueDarkJedi

    Cheep Arena Players

    Those people are just fast. You do have a chance to get out of it as long as you are not by any corners. I wouldn't say they are bad at the game, I'd say they just know what they are doing. Haven't you ever juggled in the main story mode before?
  13. RogueDarkJedi

    New Boss castle crashers 2 and more

  14. Pretty sure this goes in Technical issues.
  15. RogueDarkJedi

    The 256 Glitch: An Idea

    It isn't. But is it worth the time and effort to push out a patch? It's not an easy process getting it approved by MS. Mainly those are Title Updates and minifixes for DLC items It doesn't really work like that. If the game is programmed in what it has to be programmed in (C# or C++), the code is a bit cleaner and more formatted. There is no end in C++ and C#. Castle Crashers is not made in Flash. If it was, the Behemoth would have to give credit to Adobe. And it's probably mandatory to add credit (pending the Adobe licenses). UNO cites them alot. Also, I don't like the whole resetting. Instead just max out the characters stats. Some people have been victims of the glitch (It falls back to the old pokemon glitches).