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  1. Probubly not i remember hearing someone from england say he used an english code on a uk console and it did not work microsoft probubly has region protection on the codes Microsoft doesn't like foreigners
  2. Why is everyone complaining about dupes. Every post is a dupe!
  3. The Behemoth had an actual party?? And I wasn't invited??????
  4. that is a pretty cool idea
  5. Are you joking? Have you read any of the 40+ posts you make per day? You, my friend, are redefining spam. I don't spam good friend. I always post with thought and I am always on topic. Your not on topic now
  6. Well I don't know, he might like the challenge. I know that CC 3d would be the most anticipated thing ever.
  7. Kitchen? No wonder thier games are full of awesome sauce
  8. I got it the week it came out. I am a crazy behemoth fan
  9. Where's ma pink knight??? Did it come out????