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  1. Well, technically, as all you guys are being. When you "BUY" the game it is actually stated as "UNLOCKING' the game; as is states Click here to "Unlock the full game." In turn as you buy the game you are, technically, just unlocking it, when you unlock a game, you unlock everything in the game, including its contents. THEREFORE, your ARE unlocking the 4 knights that the game starts with. Owned.
  2. Yea i know ive though of this but if there wasnt any disadvantage to the spear and shield combo than people who used the shield normally would just spam attack with the shield just for the hell of it. There is probably a better disadvantage aspect for it but i cant think of anything atm.
  3. Of course when you get there you could hurt them. If your thinking this could be unbalances thats why i added the slow agility aspect and the acceptance of projectile damage even with the shield out. The damage would be slightly higher than normal melee but would attack slower. I really only thought of this to prevent mage jumping. And provide and tactical gameplay element.
  4. I think you took it the wrong way. I didn't mean it in the way of huge weapons, but rather long weapons. My example of the spear was for the length. As a visualization, if you could picture ancient rome and their warriors of how they fought with long spears and a shield to protect themselves from getting close to annoying enemies. (ie. jumping mages)
  5. In regards to both online and offline; castle crashing and arena, I think the game could highly benefit from long distance melee weapons. i.e. A spear that was twice the length of the character (meaning in length, not in width or overall massive size) , that can be used it conjunction with the shield. For balancing issues of course, using the shield and spear drastically reduces agility and if your using them both in conjunction your still vulnerable to arrows and magic attacks, but at a reduced damage. i.e. With the shield by itself you take no damage from projectiles; with no shield out, you take (rounded) 30 damage from projectiles; while holding the spear and shield you take (rounded) 10 damage from average damage projectiles. (damage acceptable to change based on better balancing; and damage dealt would still vary on the power of the projectile) It isn't out of reason and could add a whole new aspect of tactical play. Warriors in the arena would no longer be forced the go face to face with mages who in turn will magic jump and run away. I believe it is a better balancing aspect than adding cheap, annoying combos that could stop annoyances in the arena; and dont see any way in this back-lashing. Please respond with support, added ideas,and ways this idea could affect the game negatively.
  6. Yea some of these opinions, although creative, are out of content. The introduction of advance weapon creation and side mission would deter people from the original campaign without a huge budget overhaul of the entire game. Alot of these ideas are out of proportion for DLC and seem to fall along the line of a enormous expansion. Dark Mage is correct in how vast the ideas with Castle Crasher are but some people are taking it a bit far. But Behemoth's creativeness is expansive and i would highly believe they could make all of the reasonable ideas a reality. P.S. - No developer would ever make an entire level that had to be played online on separate consoles thus making it pointless to solo or play with a friend on the same console. That is pure idiocracy in a development point of view.