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  1. hit me up 61 green knight GT: NASSI
  2. think he could help me on the forest entrance level on insane? i cant dodge that many freakin arrows
  3. Too late to jump on this bandwagon? I had a cool idea that Id put some heavy thought into should it fit my current tats.
  4. NASSI my times are weird due to work, weekends might be best, dunno if thats any help
  5. a) i wanna help gimmy 20 mins on the game and ill have the ninja c) no squeeky voice
  6. how do i... reset my alien?
  7. well i bought castle crashers then alien hominoid, not in my rack, bug maybe?
  8. I know how to get it but I dont wanna ruin my Alien Hominoid character with a pitch fork, so, i was wondering if there was anybody out there who wanted to trade me the gun? cheers My Gamertag is: NASSI