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  1. Thanks so much. I'm so proud of my wife for her creativity. She's currently on vacation to see some in-laws while I stay home and work, but I'm sure she'll love to see the announcement when she gets back. Everybody's compliments and the dev blog reference will certainly motivate her creatively. It's funny, she's a stay-at-home mom and I'm a 3D Game Artist and Designer. I usually get all the attention for being creative. I'm so glad that she has chosen to make a creative path for herself and I admire her skill and the love she puts into her projects. She certainly isn't on my coattails, creatively speaking, she's her own woman. Being selfish, I hope that our creative blood passes on to our daughter, making her an amazing artistic champion! Of course I just want our daughter to be happy, but it would be so great if we could encourage and guide her on a creative path.
  2. I reported this problem in the original "YOU ARE JUSTICE" thread. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=647&p=12712#p12712 This has all taken place without ever changing consoles. I have still never switched consoles with this profile.
  3. Hey guys, send me a PM if you have a secret desire for a Castle Crashers plushie. I'd just love to get to know you.
  4. I'm glad you guys like the doll! I talked to the wife and she said it would be easy to make the body smaller, as the head was probably the hardest part. She did all sorts of crazy stuff to make sure the head maintained its cylindrical shape. I hope we hear word from Behemoth soon. My wife is eager to start on a new project for one of you if they'll allow it.
  5. Great to have your guys' support! My wife is delighted at your comments. To answer a few... She says she's open to being commissioned for certain characters and would love the opportunity to sell some. Our only concern is that this is Behemoth's IP and it would be up to them if they would allow us to sell them to you guys (wouldn't it?) We'd handle everything outside of Behemoth and their store, presumably, so it'd be entirely unofficial. Kelly, can you make official comment? Would a Behemoth Brand Lawsuit find its way to my door? My wife is just one lady so they'd take a while, there would be no mass production of any kind. After I hear official word, we'd actually be happy to discuss a price for other commissioned knights. Compensating for my wife's time and the materials, it'd still probably be affordable for collectors.
  6. Glad you like it, guys! I'll pass your appreciation on to my wife. As for "normal" sized plushies, she could probably keep the heads the same size and then just halve the size of the body, making it closer to the proportions of in-game characters. Then again, the body is pretty complicated to sew, so maybe that would've been hard for her. I don't know, I'll ask.
  7. This year my wonderful wife surprised me on my birthday with a home-made Castle Crashers Orange Knight plushie. Well aware of my love for the game, she knew I'd love it. She told me it was a joy to create, and it's a joy to own and display. It's huggably-soft (which I take advantage of frequently by hugging it) and 21" tall. Anyway, I thought you guys would enjoy seeing it! She wants to make one of each playable character (OMG), but I don't know what she plans on doing with them all! She's an avid seamstress who enjoys sewing baby blankets with characters on them, but this is the first time she's ever done a doll. I think it turned out really well, especially for a first try. Here's a few final product pictures. [attachment=2]CC-O_straight_web.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]CC-O_left_web.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]CC-O_right-tall_web.jpg[/attachment]
  8. It would be sweet if he had healing magic. No character in the game can heal with magic right now.
  9. Just for me? Thanks, Kelly; Behemoth. I was a tester for a few years and the phrase "it's my job to report'em, not prioritize'm" echoes freshly in my brain. Hopefully somebody out there finds Crashers to be a higher quality product as a result of this bug's annihilation.
  10. When you go to the Blacksmith, you'll notice there's a lot of tall grass. Once you enter the screen from the left, run to the right, below the Weapons Frog. There are several patches of grass in a small space; cut them (I usually "dive" with the Y button to cut them all) Observe. When you cut the grass on the right side of the screen, one of the grass patches on the left side of the screen will also be cut. This is made obvious as the grass often produces fruit when cut. Not a serious bug, but a bug to be sure. I expect grass to only be destroyed when I swing at it, not when I swing at its cousins from across the screen.
  11. Signed. Bought it the night it came out, couldn't help myself. Love it.
  12. I checked this today and while it could certainly qualify is as "developer cleverness", trying to get the player to dig at the spot but getting shot by the Thief instead, it is also a bit misleading. This dig-spot would make a great location for a secret, instead of the misleading deathtrap that it currently is.
  13. You may have luck by resetting the character, going out with the default weapon, and then picking up another weapon "on the field", if you will. For example, take your Level 1 Default Peasant to the Thieves' Forest, go up to the first treasure chest which drops the Meat Tenderizer. Pick up the Tenderizer with X, which should drop the Spoon. Pick up the Spoon with X. This should unlock the Spoon inside the Weapons Frog. I haven't tried this myself, though I need to. I'm guessing it will work, unless he doesn't get his weapon back when you re-set him to default.
  14. While I've suffered data loss and trudged through it (because I enjoy the game immensely), a friend of mine suffered _complete_ data loss when he tried to move his HDD to another Xbox360 and he has now given up on the game. This is disappointing as I enjoyed playing with him, and now I can't. However, I sympathize with him. As of now the Bear and the Saracen are the only characters I haven't yet unlocked. If it all got deleted, I probably wouldn't want to play again for a long time. The truth of it: Yes, it sucks. Bugs in games always suck. Sometimes the game is good enough so that you bear with its problems just so you're sure to have a good time. For me, this game is one of those games that I'll make sure to be extra careful and avoid the known bugs just so I can continue to have a good time. Yeah, I really hate that it has issues... I always exit the game before switching any profiles, and I always play using the same controller #. I've become a little paranoid that I might become a data loss victim again. But I still love the game. Behemoth doesn't hate the people that bought their game(s) and are quite literally paying their bills. Hopefully they can get out of this gaining more fans than alienating with bugs, as they deserve the funds to move on to make bigger and better games. I would play them.
  15. Very quickly after receiving the Animal Handler achievement, I switch characters to play with 2 others. Played a brief 3 player game, my profile was the only online profile. I am on controller 1 (wired). Player 2 and 3 want to quit, I exit to the Title Screen. I sign out of all profiles, and re-sign into my profile on controller 3 (wireless). I enter the game, selecting a new character (Level 1 Green Knight). Evidence of data loss becomes self evident, as gold counts are gone, missing boomerang / shovel, and all weapons are missing (the usual). Have since been able to re-claim all orbs and most weapons. The only weapons I'm having a hard time replacing are ones that don't seem to drop off enemies, but are automatically unlocked after receiving a new character (EG, the Peasant Spoon). Otherwise, my gameplay has continued as normal and all of my characters / levels are as normal.