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  1. Originally I wanted to try and unlock all the characters, but going through the game over and over again does get a little tiring. I'm taking a break and trying to get the rest of the achievements on DMC4 before I try and unlock all the characters. Nice job, though.
  2. I originally chose the Green knight, since at first it seemed like poisoning enemies/bosses could be quite useful. My second playthrough, however, I chose the blue knight and had a much easier time overall.
  3. Yeah, if the PvP arena matches actually incorporated the user's level it would be totally one-sided and frustrating for new players at times. Even if users could be "matched" with other similarly levelled opponents, this might be too much considering how the game's online features are gonna be updated soon, and this might open up a whole new can of worms. But yeah, it's an even playing field.
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    Pretty sweet. You should do one of the final boss battle with the 4 knights...that could be EPIC given this style.
  5. Maybe those actions cause the controller to vibrate and your batteries are low/close to dead? I know that seems like such a "duh" answer but it's all I can think of from what you've told me. Even if you think your batteries are fresh, try changing them out for some new ones and see if that works? Sorry, this is all I can think of.
  6. It's in the image dump from the game, as are the chainsaw etc...along with the golden spear weapon from one of the Newgrounds level images... http://bayimg.com/image/hakmeaabg.jpg It's somewhere in there..
  7. My brother and I have tried EVERYTHING and this x is definitely a dead spot or will be used for future DLC, most likely.
  8. Yeah, Fencer/Industrialist have the BEST magic for killing bosses quickly, imo. Really helps out during insane, although their magic is kinda useless for crowd control.
  9. Maybe this is just being nitpicky, but the animal orb located in the upper left corner of the ark (the one that allows you to jump higher) can be obtained without a magic jump, simply by using a mid-air uppercut. I'm guessing the devs meant for the player to only be able to obtain this animal with a magic jump, but I'm no omnipotent deity so I can't say for sure. Either way, if one intended for the orb to only be obtainable via a magic jump, one might want to move the little guy a bit further up (if possible)... Of course there's already a lot going on with CC updates so this might seem kind of trivial, but I'm just throwing it out there.
  10. The song that plays at the beginning right before that mauled gray night gets tossed down the stairs.
  11. I would buy it if it had online co-op, I'm sure lots of other people who've already bought the console version would do the same. Great idea, although I'm sure it's been discussed by the devs already...
  12. I'd rather see Crashers stay on XBLA and just be updated with new levels/characters/achievements every now and then rather than have the game re-released in disc form.
  13. I'm pretty sure having AH purchased for the XBLA is the ONLY way to unlock him in CC. If you already own the game, I wouldn't bother getting it, but if you want the achievements and other extras...I dunno. There aren't a lot of GREAT games to waste MS points on anyway, so if you can't think of anything you want on XBLA and have the points I would actually go for it.
  14. Nope, I'm going to knock you off of the 1st place spot right before they finally get around to sending them out At least, I WOULD, if I could somehow figure out how to connect my Gamecube to Xbox Live x_x
  15. Try signing out then signing back in while the game's loaded. Apparently, this has restored other people's lost data. I haven't had any problems *SERIOUS knock on wood* so I can't personally say if it works or not, but I guess it's worth a try.