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  1. A legendary mod from another era. He was amongst the first of us.

    1. Cat Guard

      Cat Guard



      8-14-08 - 4-7-13

      King of the mods

      We will miss you

  2. Anyone else attending PAX Prime this year in Seattle? This will be my first year attending and I am beyond excited. Friends of mine apparently occupied the BBT game cabinet for quite some time last year. I can't wait to finally get to play it. Has anyone attended PAX previously? If so, when? Also, are you going this year?
  3. I wholeheartedly agree! I own this game for xbox and also just got into the PC beta. Serves as a fantastic introduction to the MOBA genre. I just wish I had more friends who played it!
  4. This game is phenominal, pick it up if you haven't already!
  5. Castle Crashers was in development for quite some time. But, as you all know, it was worth the wait. Just hang in their, I'm sure there are plenty of releases this Fall/Winter to help with the wait.
  6. BBT shall resurrect these forums.
  7. I would assume that E3 is probably more expensive to attend especially compared to Comic-Con and PAX.
  8. Considering Comic-Con is coming up in a few days let's hope we see some new BBT footage! I'll make sure to update this thread with any coverage I find. Feel free to help me out by posting your BBT Comic-Con links as well.
  9. Send me one! There certainly times during work that I could use this. <3
  10. I've heard that you don't need Natal to play it. And I doubt micro transactions are for much more than some unique weapons. Where did you find this information? I'm surprised you aren't up to date on this information. That information is all over the web.
  11. Please tell me where I say that or argue Reach will be good without actually backing it up with evidence. I'm waiting.
  12. I think its more of the fact that you completely ignore or don't accept any reason for why we think it may not be good. I don't ignore criticism about the game when those points are valid. All your claims were based entirely off assumptions. Personally, I had several ideas in how this game could fall short but apparently, Bungie is already addressing those issues. I'll save more of my criticism and questions for when the Beta comes out. That's the logical thing to do.
  13. Ditto. I really enjoy playing as the Medic or Recon, and hate playing as the Assault or Engineer players, since the vehicle users usually dart ahead of everyone to prevent any possible repairs for an engineer, and the Assault guy doesn't really specialize in anything but shooting, which I can get enough of with a Medic or Recon character. Agreed. Except I prefer the Engineer over the Medic. Recon however, is my favorite class. So far I have over 250 head shots out of just under 500 kills. The destruction, sheer size, and sound really give you the sense of being in battle.