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  1. Anyone else attending PAX Prime this year in Seattle? This will be my first year attending and I am beyond excited. Friends of mine apparently occupied the BBT game cabinet for quite some time last year. I can't wait to finally get to play it. Has anyone attended PAX previously? If so, when? Also, are you going this year?
  2. I wholeheartedly agree! I own this game for xbox and also just got into the PC beta. Serves as a fantastic introduction to the MOBA genre. I just wish I had more friends who played it!
  3. This game is phenominal, pick it up if you haven't already!
  4. Castle Crashers was in development for quite some time. But, as you all know, it was worth the wait. Just hang in their, I'm sure there are plenty of releases this Fall/Winter to help with the wait.
  5. BBT shall resurrect these forums.
  6. I would assume that E3 is probably more expensive to attend especially compared to Comic-Con and PAX.
  7. Considering Comic-Con is coming up in a few days let's hope we see some new BBT footage! I'll make sure to update this thread with any coverage I find. Feel free to help me out by posting your BBT Comic-Con links as well.
  8. Send me one! There certainly times during work that I could use this. <3
  9. I've heard that you don't need Natal to play it. And I doubt micro transactions are for much more than some unique weapons. Where did you find this information? I'm surprised you aren't up to date on this information. That information is all over the web.
  10. Please tell me where I say that or argue Reach will be good without actually backing it up with evidence. I'm waiting.
  11. I think its more of the fact that you completely ignore or don't accept any reason for why we think it may not be good. I don't ignore criticism about the game when those points are valid. All your claims were based entirely off assumptions. Personally, I had several ideas in how this game could fall short but apparently, Bungie is already addressing those issues. I'll save more of my criticism and questions for when the Beta comes out. That's the logical thing to do.
  12. Ditto. I really enjoy playing as the Medic or Recon, and hate playing as the Assault or Engineer players, since the vehicle users usually dart ahead of everyone to prevent any possible repairs for an engineer, and the Assault guy doesn't really specialize in anything but shooting, which I can get enough of with a Medic or Recon character. Agreed. Except I prefer the Engineer over the Medic. Recon however, is my favorite class. So far I have over 250 head shots out of just under 500 kills. The destruction, sheer size, and sound really give you the sense of being in battle.
  13. I have my doubts about this game. I hope it doesn't rely heavily on NATAL and the fact that it features Micro Transactions is a bit ridiculous. For those who don't know what Micro Transactions are, Lionhead plans on charging you money for in game items. For instance, pay a dollar, you get a sword. Pay a few dollars and you'll have access to larger in game areas.
  14. Yeah, if you have never even freaking touched a PC gaming unit. Or Golden Eye. Or Duke Nukem. Or Woulfenstien. Or Qauke. Or Doom. I agree. I personally have been a huge critic to every Halo game released. You would however, be rather ignorant to say that Halo 3 is a terrible game, or a poor one. A bad game is something that is clearly bad, like some movie to game adaptation. It's clear by it's popularity, community support, and reviews that it isn't by any means, bad. Not really. Most big boy reviewing companies get early acess to DLCs and what not. They also don't spend 60$ on the game. So, most Gametrailers/IGN/GameSpot reviews are preety biased. Also, anyone can have their own personal opinion on a game, I could say I hate FPS, RTS, and Platphormers, and that I only like Puzzle games, so I would say I didn't like halo. I would not being Ignorant, I am just sharing my opinion. I myself find Halo 1 to be preety good, Halo 2 to be fantastic and Halo 3 to be run of the mill. Well, Brutal Legend was not a squel, so you can't expect them to get everything right the first time. I never played Fable, so I wouldn't know about that one though. And yes, MW2 is a clearly bettter title if you are a close relative to a magpie. All MW2 was is shinny objects and flim flam. Just hidding behind walls, contribed cut scenes and medicore gameplay. As Denvire stated, you clearly missed the word decade. And the fact that ME2 = / = MW2 Early access to DLC's doesn't have anything to do with review bias. IGN/Gamespot/etc. sole purpose is to provide gaming news and reviews...they aren't bias. If they were bias, why does every video game blog/website/magazine all reach a generally similar review score? Review Scores for games rarely have a difference of 1.0 point. IGN for example even has second opinion articles were most of the employee's give their take a game. It just seems like several members are getting upset over the fact that I have reasonable arguments and expectations for Halo: Reach and I'm sure many others share my opinion.
  15. I agree. I personally have been a huge critic to every Halo game released. You would however, be rather ignorant to say that Halo 3 is a terrible game, or a poor one. A bad game is something that is clearly bad, like some movie to game adaptation. It's clear by it's popularity, community support, and reviews that it isn't by any means, bad. Not your cup of tea? That's cool, I think TF2 is just "alright" but I certainly don't bash it. You can clearly see in the Vidoc the amount of work being put into this title. By viewing this Vidoc it is clear that Bungie (not Bunjie) is addressing every shortcoming found in Halo 3. Better graphics, better AI, better campaign, new story, new enemies, new locations, new weapons/vehicles/characters/modes etc. Babbity however, came to the conclusion that Bungie was doing nothing at all to improve the series. Perhaps nothing in the game is radically unique, but it's very rare that a single game revolutionize a game genre. Halo 3 was the first console FPS to have Theater mode, file share, screen shots, etc. In fact, I don't know of a single other Xbox title with these features. Brutal Legend was a step in the right direction, but the reviews show that it also has apparent flaws. Radical and new doesn't always equal a better game. Fable titles are pretty good, but they always fail to deliver what is promised. ME2 or DA:O are far better titles, all around. In fact, Halo CE set the standard for FPS over the past decade up until HL:2 I haven't played Halo 3 in probably close to a year. I played ODST up until last October. You have to be out of your mind to think that basic FPS mechanics can't equal technical strategies. This isn't a's a FPS, so don't expect the same strategies found in strategy games. Armor abilities, equipments, and load-outs still add more diversity. I never contradicted myself once, which is why I linked you to the definitions. You're posts were clearly bashing the franchise...with little or no argument other than you're personal gripes and accusations. "This will be overpowered." "There won't be any new weapons." "The maps will suck." You say all these things even though you haven't played the game. I personally know the Multiplayer Test Lead, he informs me of tidbits others don't. I never said once that this game is going to be perfect...but considering the quality games Bungie makes...I highly doubt it won't be good. Plus you seem to forget the fact that I originally responded to the most saying that "Bungie isn't adding anything new to this game." It wasn't some post about how marvelous and perfect reach will be. I understand why you insulted me. You couldn't attack my argument so you had to attack me. -Glitch
  16. I couldn't agree more. Rabbity seems to know what he's talking about a lot more than you do. Hope that's sarcasm. -Glitch <3
  17. I would try to argue you're completely obscure points but I have better things to do. Once Reach receives GOTY I'll make sure to personally send you a message. Until then here are some helpful links to help you understand why your points are obscured. Contradiction Definition Bias Definition Halo 3 - Make note of all the game modes/features PS - You should probably watch the Vidoc. -Glitch
  18. Feel free to continue to discuss, but please use valid points.
  19. New customizable armor? New weapons? New armor abilities? New equipment? New XP system? New Maps? Need I say more? Same combat system? Were you expecting an RPG or something? It's FPS. New weapons simply modified versions of old weapons? No... new weapons. AND improved, more balanced versions of old weapons. Certain armor abilities being overused or abused? They will be balanced. They add strategy and playing diversity. Some new maps just updated versions of old maps? Mostly new maps? Perhaps one or two rehashes of fan favorites? XP system that will probably be just as bad or worse than Halo 3's? No, you seem to be stuck with the idea that this is Halo 3...with new graphics? It's a completely new game with a completely new XP system. Need I say more? Please try to discuss with facts, not biased ideas.
  20. It's Behemoth quality...nothing to fear. -Glitch
  21. New customizable armor? New weapons? New armor abilities? New equipment? New XP system? New Maps? Need I say more?