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  1. Sooo it took you guys about 4 month to release that Bullshit? Thats just loving insulting... Didn't come out with a patch until... forever... Thats a loving slap to the face. I'm sorry I thought this was gunna be one of the greatest arcade games ever... but after this bullshit... No I'm done with this loving game. A multiplayer game with multiplayer that didn't work and left it for 4 or more months?? Insulting... Im sorry. Release a DLC worth about 600 MS points with some decent poop I might get back on board. I'm sorry but if there is a gamer out there that doesn't feel like they just got loving ripped for 15 bucks... Then you obviously don't play many good games. 15 bucks to get a multiplayer that didn't get fixed until 4-5 months later... Half balloon DLC... I mean I felt like I was a baby in candy store when I saw this DLC ad. Then i looked at it... Then i got my lollipop taken and slapped across the face with a huge balloon paddle... Sorry I just needed to let that go. Anyways Thats my last post here. Good luck with game #3... I ain't buyin it... How I felt about this gam over time: - - - - - - -
  2. I am also pissed no patch has been released. i probably wont be playing this game a lot anymore because I'll be busy with GoW2 and Halo and NBA 2K9 so many better things to do on my Xbox.
  3. WHAT??? How?? Has all this been a lie? Is the chainsaw out there?!?!
  4. Me and a couple of friends are trying to beat insane mode. It would be helpful if we could get another lvl 99 to help out. (I have lvl 99 Orange Knight my friends are getting their characters to 99 soon) So is anyone interested? If so Just add me on XBL. Orange Tee is my Gamertag. (We are on flowery field by the way but if we need to start from beginning thats fine.) We are usually on from 4:00 - 9:30 Eastern standard time.
  5. I don't know about you but I'd say wait.... The alien isn't that amazing....
  6. Lol I need a Tums..... PHhhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. Ok... Some one got the king's scepter from killing the king in flowery field... That's pretty hard to do... that 's why we haven't heard a lot about it because no one could do it... Why so skeptical? There nothing weird about it.
  8. I accept any friend request. If someone could trade me or we could try and get together.
  9. Why even bother.... you knew you would get denied...
  10. I never said anything about it being unbalanced! It's fine... I mean every weapon that has no stats at least says +0 strength.
  11. Gamertag: Orange Tee Character: Orange Knight Weapon: Fire Sword Animal Orb: Giraffe
  12. The bat is the fastest way. The most legit way to do it is play insane mode. (I got 2 levels of thieves forest