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  1. This would be consistent with the visual style, the game mechanics, and Newgrounds tradition. It's also logical on the basis that most of the game writers have previous experience in the form of Newgrounds products, which also appear to be heavily flash-based, and so would be best at, most comfortable in, and most capable of producing such an extensive program in Flash.
  2. The number of teens/pre-teens leaping to insist (in the nth thread in which they're doing so) that there are at least some teens/pre-teens who are mature is simply...higher than the number of non-teen/pre-teen doing so... Odd. *scratches his irony* This merits much deep thought. No teens, pre-teens, small children, huge manatees, or penguins were intended to be harmed in the making of this post.
  3. *sighs whimsically* You know a game has matured when the first reports of hacker attacks show up on the online forums...
  4. Ah. I wouldn't know, those are what I consider the least interesting characters in the game. The peasant arena is the only one I haven't beaten. On second thought, it's the only one I haven't even entered, too.
  5. And here I thought it was a Bah Rem Uhe type of moment. Then again, I have no idea if that one was disney or not.
  6. Remember the guys you fought the Corn Boss with? The two little dudes up in the left corner, who also helped you battle your way past a bunch of skeletons with a beefy peasant?
  7. The easy cheat guide for US grades is the grade + 5 = the general age of people entering that grade. So: Kindergarteners are usually about 5 years old, and turn 6 while in Kindergarten. 1-5th grades are ages 6-10 6th-8th graded are ages 11-13 9th-12th graders are aged 14-17 12th is the highest grade in the US school system. After that you go to college or university. Unlike in other countries, in the US college and university are synonymous. I describe myself as a college kid, but I go to Southern Methodist University, so technically I go to a university rather than a college. It's the same age bracket and basically the same thing though. High school is often 9-12th grades; Junior High or Middle school often 6-8th grades; Elementary school 1-5th grades. However, this often varies, esp. around the ages for Junior High/Middle school; sometimes this middle section is 4-6th grades, sometimes 7-9th grades. Sometimes just 7th and 8th, sometimes just 6th and 7th. Sometimes just 7th, just 6th, just 8th, or some other set. Other possibilities around those grades exist, and private schools often skip middle school all together and just have elementary schools and high schools, often ending elementary in 6th and starting high school in 7th. There are no hard and fast rules, though, except that I've never heard of an American school extending past 12th grade, and colleges and universities are generally considered synonymous, post-12th grade education.
  8. Ah! Yes, I did indeed seem to forget these particular characters. As well as the other folk standing around in castle at the beginning.
  9. Yes. As long as your character is there while the level is played, regardless of whether you actually do any fighting, it will count as unlocked when you finish. Additionally, as an aside, you HAVE to not fight while your friend beats the first few levels in order to unlock the "pacifist" achievement.
  10. I know a lot of people are pretty excited about both the Necromancer and the King. And a smaller group about the peasant and wizard minion. Of these, and of those other creatures we know are in the game, what do you want most?
  11. FOOLS! You're all wrong! Clearly THE BRUTE is the best!
  12. I rather like that you can't. It forces everybody to be unique--different knights have different abilities and do different things.
  13. People who do that really annoy me. So many of my friends seem to evaluate a game as much or more on its graphics than its playing characteristics...like, I have a bunch of 90's/early 00's games that almost no one will play any more because the graphics are old, even though the gameplay is superior to what we have today, or not replicated by anything we have today (i.e. Star Wars: Rebellion).
  14. true dat From what I remember reading somewhere, during development Emil nicknamed them that when posting on the blog. He (or someone else) did definitely specify that conehead is the official name (I think on these forums, actually, possibly in one of the game guide threads--check out Sully's, might be in there), and that periwinkle is no longer intended to be used, but was just the result of a joke posted on the blog during development.