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  1. well actually I am.. I convinced 3 of my friends to shell out the 20$ or whatever it cost to get this game, and to our suprise we cannot play but for a few minutes before connectivity issues... haven't seen this on other game, but just to make sure did all the port forwarding/dmz settings.. we all did, we all have linksys routers ... nothing changed same results..

    You would think.. games would be somewhat tested, or a patch be released the next or so, I know you guys are making bank off this game.... :x

    Excuse me Colonel? Did you just not care to read the post on the main page that stated the Title Update had been sent to Microsoft. Let's get with the program Sanders!

  2. pedophile

    doesnt that mean he likes feet?

    well, what ever you mean im sure you spelled it wrong...

    You are thinking Pedo as in Pedicure, a foot "cure" where they paint your nails and stuff.

    Pedophile is where you are an older gent and have am "interest" for younger children.

    True, but since they are being considered his daughters, then it'd be incest, which is a whole new level of wrong ("special" relations with family members). Then again, the king is depicted in my mind as some crazy, amnesia-induced mad-man, which makes it go from gross to comical. :lol:

    Also a Pedicure is treatment towards nails, being both toes and/or fingers, a pedophile is a person of age showing physical attractiveness towards an under-aged individual.

    Now that is one hell of a step of awkward, so let's not get into the definitions anymore, please? Hopefully we can use what I've said, or dictionaries for all future references.

    A pedicure is a treatment of the foot which may include the nails. You can also get a pedicure that deals only with the sanding of your heels and things of the sort (like bunion scraping). Manicures are the same thing for all practical purposes, only for hands.

    And anyways, the king kissing his "daughters" would not be incest. There would be no action that would physically enable the two parties in question to produce an inbred child. Parents kiss their children. I do understand that in the manner that the main characters kiss the princesses is...suggestive, but the fact that the king does it does not make him a pedophile.

    Furthermore, there is no way to say that the princesses depicted are even his daughters. They could have been princesses from other castles visiting to find a King to marry. Maybe one of his sons that wasn't shown in the game.

    There are several possibilities. I would suggest you cats wouldn't rule them all out so quickly and root yourself in just one aspect of what I perceive as a very interesting topic of discussion.

  3. I heard that if you beat the game on insane mode, your damage goes up a ton. I've got one 99, but all of them is pretty ridiculous.

    Your damage dealt does not go up if you beat insane.

    Plus, even if it did, all characters are supposed to be even in Arena.

    That is very true. I had a level 1 eat the lunch of some kid's level 99. And I'm glad the rumor about beating insane is put to rest.

  4. NAME: Steven Segal

    LOOK: Squinty eyes with a short black ponytail. No weapons but very heavy throw damage. He would wear all black. His agility would never be able to be outstanding because he runs like a woman.

    RT+Y: A bunch of hair tangles.

    RT+B: A karate chop flies out of his hands.

    RT+A: A smoke gong appears and sounds when he jumps.