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  1. Banned for asking. I can't get it for another two weeks. I just got a car after two and a half months without one so I was used to not paying for gas. But NOW I filled up my tank and only have $20 to last me the next two weeks from my paycheck that I got this morning because of rent, utilities, cable/internet, and petrol. It's pretty much awesome. Haha. But at least I have a car now. In summation, two weeks from now, I will have the 800msp.
  2. I can't wait broseph. Keep me posted.
  3. You're incredible. Not to massage your ego but I know you know you're good. Anyways, an Orange Knight back to back with a Red Knight on a black background with their magic intertwined spiraling upwards around them and having their eyes lit by their respective magic would be the illest thing since the Beastie Boys. Just a thought you might want to try out. Keep up the boss work broseph.
  4. Very true. But let him feel bad. Then you can hold it over his head! That's when the fun begins!
  5. I wish I could afford to be sick right now. But alas, I'm hunting for a second job.
  6. Boss means it's top of the line amazing. Synonymous with sweet. And broham is a modern day vernacular euphemism as a term of endearment. Synonymous with brother. Pronounced Bro-Ham. I forget that I don't know people on here and they don't know how I talk.
  7. It's a very vegetable centered, Jesus loving, pixel-gasmic love child.
  8. This is pretty boss broham.
  9. banned for responding to my all caps in all caps.
  10. Check the Sig. Tennessee. I've never had online trouble with anyone from NY.
  11. Veggie Tales. You don't know Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales?
  12. I like your Bob and Larry.
  13. I still have yet to even get back to playing Insane for my Flowery Fields adventure.
  15. Is this easy? I really want to try it but I can only get by with so much while I'm at work.
  16. You shouldn't. It's not as big of a deal as people make it out to be. You paid for the game so play it however the hell you want.
  17. Dude, your defense and agility must suck. Not that it matters. I do the same thing.
  18. This is some pretty quality stuff. Thank you very much for this! Keep it up!
  19. How far did you get? And btw, you need to get on those 10 posts!
  20. Maybe by the time you cats have more, I'll actually have more than $20 to last me two weeks until my next paycheck! Woo hoo!
  21. I was wondering ftw happened. I sent the request and hadn't read about a waiting list for CCIC so I was worried when there was no friend addage. Glad to hear you haven't died.
  22. Yeah...I've got like another billion times before I unlock everyone.
  23. I think I'm going to dedicate tonight to crashing castles...unless my brother decides to play Crackdown. Which I have yet to take online. If that's the case, then I guess I'll have to settle from some debating.