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  1. Banned for asking.

    I can't get it for another two weeks. I just got a car after two and a half months without one so I was used to not paying for gas. But NOW I filled up my tank and only have $20 to last me the next two weeks from my paycheck that I got this morning because of rent, utilities, cable/internet, and petrol. It's pretty much awesome. Haha. But at least I have a car now. In summation, two weeks from now, I will have the 800msp.

  2. You're incredible. Not to massage your ego but I know you know you're good. Anyways, an Orange Knight back to back with a Red Knight on a black background with their magic intertwined spiraling upwards around them and having their eyes lit by their respective magic would be the illest thing since the Beastie Boys. :lol: Just a thought you might want to try out. Keep up the boss work broseph.

  3. Boss means it's top of the line amazing. Synonymous with sweet. And broham is a modern day vernacular euphemism as a term of endearment. Synonymous with brother. Pronounced Bro-Ham. :lol: I forget that I don't know people on here and they don't know how I talk.