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  1. Ninjer gots some artsy talent in them stealthy bones of his.
  2. 6 times Normal. 0 times Insane. Working and having a woman kind of take time away from video games. Good thing she likes CC!
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  4. Banned for trusting me even though I'm trustworthy.
  5. Banned because I know how you feel. I've been out of my parents' house for a year now and I love it. It's hard but definitely worth it.
  6. Banned for assuming I haven't played GoW. Note: I have played and completed it several times. I do not technically own my own 360 so I was using my brother's (since we share an apartment) and it was on his GT. I lost roughly 6,000 Gamer Points that I earned on his name and then made my own. Now I'm going to start all over again and it makes me sad.
  7. Level 58 Orange. Mostly legit. Some cheating.
  8. I've tried going solo on insane and it's doable, but ridiculous. Mostly once you hit the Thieve's Forest and they won't stop shooting you with arrows and when any enemy uses bombs to disallow any chance of you getting back up is when I have to turn it off before I resort back to smoking.
  9. Banned for giving credit to people who performed your awesome sig and avatar.
  10. I'm pretty sure if you quit, it counts as a loss. And people are punks for not just losing honorably.
  11. 8 or 16 player online that pits two castles against each other. Capture the Princess (Capture the Flag) or just stock (number of lives) fighting.
  12. Lycaon

    The Death Knight

    Sweet broham. What color would the magic around him be? Black or purple like the Skeletons?
  13. That's cool. I'll love it enough for the both of us.
  14. Lycaon

    GIMP test

    I have GIMP and personally, CS2 or CS3 are definitely better but since GIMP is free, I manage. And if you happen across a tablet, get it. It makes the whole process easier.
  15. I've also wondered about the whole rolling thing. I haven't unlocked the Industrialist yet but I can almost assure you that only NPCs can roll. I've tried several combinations and have not been able to perform the action.
  16. Banned for complimenting.
  17. I still have to say the Ice Boss. He disappears like crazy near death like the corn boss but you have a bagillion icicles raining down on your head without ceasing.
  18. I had no idea so many people were ready to rip this archie kid's throat out. You cats are my favorites.
  19. I was unaware that you didn't have a hard drive. I probably should have read that a bit more carefully. GET A HARD DRIVE!
  20. Slow down there Captain Obvious. That makes SENSE! Shame on you.
  21. I JUST sent a request to CCIC so I hope it isn't full.
  22. Are you high? Blind maybe? Slow? No? Okay well then I'm just going to assume that you are in fact, assuming that the admins are high, blind, and slow. They ARE working on the patch. These things take time. I don't see YOU helping. You are just another annoying user that pisses and moans for no valid reason. How about you take in the fact that after Behemoth creates the patch, they have to test it. Then they have to send it to MS and THEY have to test it. Then approve it. Then send it out. Please, for all of our sakes, get the sand out of your vagina and give these guys a break.