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  1. This is actually false. Very false.
  2. You're banned for enforcing "rules".
  3. Banned for being a killjoy.
  4. banned for reading this
  5. Banned for your next ban.
  6. Banned for not knowing I'm allllllll inside your head. Makin' you do stuf!
  7. Banned for just not using a Tampax
  8. Wow, definition? Fantastically magical with a bit of gore thrown in.
  9. I used the second controller.
  10. Banned for not having your period. (.)
  11. What this cat said. I'm sure you have stuff saved that you don't use.
  12. Banned for exploding head. If your head explodes, you'll never be a good doctor.
  13. Banned for reversing wtf.
  14. If there was a sandwich released that would make you Beefy longer and allow you to use magic at the same time? Maybe it's just me.
  15. Banned for saving Private Ryan.
  16. I started with Red but I've leveled up my Orange the most because in real life I'm an arsonist... ...but really no I just like to burn stuff.
  17. Have you tried playing the Ice Boss on Insane? He's bad enough near death on Normal. I can't imagine Insane.