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  1. Philly Cheesesteak and a flat beer.
  2. Coincidence meshed with the subconscious imagination, I'd say.
  3. Banned for three easy payments of $19.95!
  4. You're banned because Chuck Norris said so.
  5. You're all banned for tag teaming.
  6. GT: Flave1123 I still have several level 1's.
  7. You're banned for loving.
  8. Hells yeah. I would walk if my car to get there.
  9. People get so angry about this stuff that doesn't even matter.
  10. I'm gonna need the luck. I wish I could play up some treason and kill him myself.
  11. And I know about the Flowery Fields ordeal. My king never effing dies It's like he stole Barry Bonds' steroids. It pisses me off. I'll try again when I get off work.
  12. I jest said the Industrialist.
  13. Don't forget animal orbs. That would be sick if you cats had like every single character on CC as a figure. I know that takes time and dinero but it's just a thought. (If you give this some thought then add in the little black fuzzy dudes and the bosses as well)
  14. Go for the Industrialist. Max out his magic and you will pwn faces.
  15. You're banned for being sad, angry, and smiley at the same time.
  16. You're banned because that's not the way you spell Diglett.
  17. Think of the Halo (2, I think) easter eggs. They change the way you play the game for your advantage (or disadvantage). Although I did like the Alien Ship easter egg.
  18. You're banned for not recognizing that it's a quote from Watchmen.
  19. ARE they fixing it? And even still, you could call easter egg...
  20. You're banned for not having it turn out the way you wanted.