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  1. Yeah man. I mean I'm not for or against boosting. I've used it before. I won't lie. But I enjoy the game more when I'm button mashing. I'm not condemning people for using the boost nor am I saying that it is perfectly okay; I'm simply stating that it may not be able to be considered a glitch or an exploit since it was probably intentional. I have heard no admin voice an opposing opinion so I'm going to continue to assume that it was indeed intentional.
  2. I tried for an hour to get the rapier yesterday and it wouldn't drop. Even with monkeyface. And how does one exactly acquire the scepter without having to trade?
  3. It does tend to do that. It maketh me hella angry.
  4. You're banned because you didn't just look it up. It's werewolf etymology.
  5. It is DLC (the chainsaw)...but that doesn't mean I don't have it. And that makes me sad. Sorry for the confusion Dig.
  6. I need the Scepter, the AH Gun, and the Rapier. I have every other weapon. Wait no, the rubber handle and the chainsaw are not in my possession.
  7. I want them so badly...but I need food and shelter too! CURSES!!!
  8. Solid. I added you...right after I sent you a request. But if you're on later tonight, I should be able to play. I'm at work for a while and then I might have to go look for a second job. I'll see you when I see you.
  9. Do you mean countrywise or statewise location dependency?
  10. It has been a problem with a few people. Not nearly as common as the screen going wonky when people boomerang the Barbarian Boss or the Catfish but you are not alone. I've been blessed thus far and it hasn't happened to me.
  11. Does your online crap out? GT: Flave1123
  12. Banned for introducing a MadLib.
  13. Banned for living in a place where it's "jolly" without ranchers.
  14. Banned for favoring the Blue Knight.
  16. ur band fer spling wrds rite und usngg correkt gramrr.
  17. I just got my Orange Knight up to 52 before I went to class this morning. I also have a 45 Red, a 32 Blue, a 36 Green, a 35 Barbarian, and a 19 Demon (Worthless in Insane). I sent a request. My GT is Flave1123 if you're interested.
  18. It's not impossible to have both though. You know the whole, having cake and eating it too? Eh, it's not necessary but it would be nice.
  19. Definitely. It would make this deal tons easier without having to reload pages and the such.
  20. Lycaon


    I take that back. I took my hands off the remote to write that last post and he's still being thrown as I type this one. I'm not getting any experience but it was the easiest boss kill ever.
  21. Lycaon


    I've found that on the organ boss that if i throw him at just the right time, he will get stuck in the throw as long as i keep pressing Y. Has this happened to anyone else?
  22. The shopkeepers do say random things. Such as "Ssssss" and "Buy something". Other than that, nothing really comes to mind.
  23. Keep us updated broham. That seems like it'd be an awesome weapon. I WILL COMB YOU TO DEATH!