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  1. Yeah man. I mean I'm not for or against boosting. I've used it before. I won't lie. But I enjoy the game more when I'm button mashing. I'm not condemning people for using the boost nor am I saying that it is perfectly okay; I'm simply stating that it may not be able to be considered a glitch or an exploit since it was probably intentional. I have heard no admin voice an opposing opinion so I'm going to continue to assume that it was indeed intentional.

  2. I think the forum is a little more traditional.

    This way individuals can't talk over time, and revisit older ideas.

    With a live chat, only a few people may be on, where as if you post your idea in a thread, people 2 days later can respond to it and keep it alive.

    Just my 2 cents.

    It's not impossible to have both though. You know the whole, having cake and eating it too? Eh, it's not necessary but it would be nice.