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  1. Add me and we can play when the patch comes out. GT: Flave1123
  2. I'm using the Grey Knight, the Green Knight, the Orange Knight (Insane), and the Blue Knight. I like to mix it up a little.
  3. Give a round of applause for these fools!
  4. You won't be able to do anything about that until the patch comes out. Sorry broham but until the general problem is solved, we all have to deal with it. I've been in the same boat already. However, I'd like to do a 4p co-op once the issue is resolved. If you're interested, add me GT: Flave1123
  5. I actually have never heard anyone say master chief needs to be in it for any other game.... calm down. It would just work out pretty well. Sword: Energy Sword. Arrow: Magnum Splash: Flame Thrower or Multiple trip mine explosions. Projectile Magic: Grenade Jump Magic: Explosion from underneath him sends him flying. People have suggested he be in Soul Calibur before. Sort of like when they did the Spawn, Heihachi, Link deal a few years back. Just sayin'...
  6. Actually, Microsoft has all rights to Halo. And the DS game was a reskinned 007 game. Oh yeah that's right. It was back in October of '07 that they bought the name Bungie from MS. They did not, however, buy the Halo franchise because MS wouldn't budge and didn't want the game on competitors' systems. Thanks for correcting me RDJ.
  7. Dealing with the rights to Halo: Bungie is an independently owned company and there was talk of transferring Halo to a separate platform. It's cute, sexy, a best-seller, and you might know it as the Nintendo DS. So if Bungie wanted to do something not Microsoft related with Halo, they have full rights to. Now this next statement is clearly guesswork but I don't think that Microsoft has anything to do with the Halo books. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. PICK ME! I'll do whatever kind of bad guy voice I can muster. GT: Flave1123
  9. Hey man they didn't say it had to be Sora's keyblade. They just said key. I just assumed they hadn't unlocked the big glowy key in the game. I like the key...
  10. Hey people. The (nick)name's Flave and I'm from the redneck stuff because I'm a brown mutt. My favorite character is the Orange Knight because I enjoy burning things... My favorite animal orb is the BiPolar Bear...or maybe the Beholder...yeah definitely the Beholder. GT Flave1123. Add me fools!
  11. ...but there is a key weapon. You get it with the Cardinal on the Full Moon stage.
  12. Doesn't that mean it's harder...
  13. The only word has been that they are making great progress and that headway is being made...that and they got some awesome cookies...
  14. Dude a Painter Theme with all of his weird creations would be a bomb balloon idea.
  15. Add me. I don't really care about losing data because I love this game too much and wouldn't mind playing through it again. Gamertag: Flave1123. The other one my friend uses is my brother's and that one is Atomic Bomb 5. I have a level 42 Red Knight and a level 32 Orange Knight and I'm working on my Green, Blue, and Barbarian...well I will when I get home from work and school.
  16. Negatory. The animal orbs are the only thing that can bring stuff back. Does anyone know if the cardinal can pick up the Medusa's Comb or not? I haven't had enough time to try yet with college, work, and homework getting in the way.
  17. Sorry to hear that man, we can work together to get our crap back. I plan on playing 4 person co-op non stop once the patch comes out. Have you tried the other methods of recovery? I need to find a few people to play with once the patch comes out as well. I've been blessed so far to not have any of my data erased but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. X0