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  1. Thanks for the interest everyone :) I never intended to make this a debate on what "mature" means. I was really just hoping to find a few players closer to my age to play with, so if I talk about having a beer, work, etc. they could relate.

    I have no problem playing with people of any age, it's just much to easier to play with people who you share more in common with. This is not totally related to age, but is somewhat.

    Anyways, I will be adding people to my xbox live friends list. I'll send you a friends request with a message saying mpg (mature players' guild). I am usually on for an hour or so a day, but at odd times.

    I look forward to crashing some castle with you in the near future! :D

    What was your initial idea of close to your age?

  2. Im 25 yrs old and so is my wife. We will both be dressing up, trick-or-treat and take our 1 year old too. We LOVE Halloween and do not think it is immature to dress up. We are saddened that the holidays are kind of dying, I remember Halloween used to be a bigger deal. Oh well, we will have our fun. Here is our motto:

    "It's about growing up, not growing old"


    That's like my motto: "you don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing"

    Hells yeah, I'll be dressing up. Plan is for Gozer the Gozarian, if i can pull it off. (xtra points if you know who that is and what she's from).

    I'd love to see pics of anyone who does CC or AH costumes, don't forget to post!



    The Demon from Ghostbusters in female form! Am I right?!

  3. I just got hit by one form of the save glitch. I have never switched consoles nor have I switched profiles. I simply logged out like normal and the next time I went to play, I had no gold, no animal orbs, and no weapons. I did, however, keep my characters which seemed to be a jolly kick in the gut almost mocking me for my losses. It's cool though. I had fun finding the weapons the first time, and I'll enjoy getting them again! :)

  4. If you happened to friend request me wanting weapons and the sort, I apologize for not being able to because two days ago, I logged on to my account and everything in my weapons frog was gone as well as all of my animal orbs. I will try and get them back this evening after church but I am not sure how long it will take. I apologize for the inconvenience to users that expected weapons from me.