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  1. hey guys, thanks a lot for the comments

    @sandmonkey: i draw during my lunch break and for a bit before i crash. i'm pretty quick at it so i can get a lot done.

    @elite monkey: that's the coolest thing anyone has ever described my art as. thank you.

    so i took a break from the characters for a moment so i could get my boss on. here's everybody's favorite psychotic cyclops! i took some more liberties than i regularly do on his armor. so here he is looking a little solem and getting ready to stab you a bunch with his crazy knives.


    and this guys pretty much like a 1x1 ratio so click on this here link for the much bigger version if you're a stickler for details ... 1224235145

    thanks again for the comments people, always good to hear from everybody.


    That is SICK broham!

  2. Quoted from Gamefaqs "If you are playing with at least two profiles and have a third profile on your xbox 360 you can clone a character. What you have to do is pick the character you want to clone and then, while on the map screen, sign out and sign in to the profile you want to clone it to. It will take you back to the menu screen but after you go to the character select screen youll be able to choose the cloned character/knight. This will replace the same character on that profile, (ex. profile 1 has lvl 45 blue knight; profile 2 has lvl 15 blue knight; you clone blue knight from profile 1 to 2 and lvl 15 knight is replaced and both profiles have lvl 45 knight)" Never tried though..

    That sounds ridiculously complicated. I'd rather just use a character similar to the one I really want and save a large amount of confusion.