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  1. try this:

    sign out and then back into your profile from the main menu of CC. If you haven't played yet on the reset profile this may work, but you will likely have to do this every time until the Title Update, which will correct this problem altogether. Another thing to try is transferring the licenses for the game on, if you somehow switched your xbox.

    you can always check your data is there or not in "Player Statistics" from the main menu.

    hope that helps, and sorry that this occurred.



    ^^^ What Kelly said here is your best bet^^^

    Have you tried connecting online? If so, I've heard that that is a good way to up the chances of data loss. If you have not tried connecting, then I have no idea how to help. I truly am sorry for your loss.

  2. If you can hold your own and block and juggle then you don't have to have them anyways. Haven't you ever heard that the only part of a game (dealing in sports here) is the last two minutes? BiPolar Bear is my clutch. If someone can get in the fight and juggle the crap out of their opponent and then work them consistently, BPB will take care of you in the end. Is BPB the best orb to use? Not at all. But I don't think that not being the best means that he should be thrown to the curb dubbed totally useless. But I just say that because he's helped me twice in the past week. 8-)

  3. Just a reccom. for everyone else who posts things like this...Post where (State/Country if in england or something) that you live in. It makes it a tad easier, and people don't end up wasting their time trying to connect with you. :|

    Wasting there time trying to connect with you? I connect with people all over the world, if you think where you like decides on your chances of staying in a game and not getting lagged out your wrong. Some times it helps to live closer, but it's really random. I play with some kids from different countries and don't get any lag what so ever. I also play with some kids that live in the same "state", "country" as me and sometimes end up getting lagged out. It's pretty random.

    I call it, the hosts of the people not being compatable. :P

    With CC it has been a common judgment that if two players live in the same country, they have a higher chance of staying connected. In most games, you are right. I game with people from around the globe on a weekly basis with no problems. But for CC, I can't hold a connection with someone out of the country.

  4. Yeah, a sequel would kinda fail. A lot.

    And I am prepared for some reasons:

    1. The Behemoth doesn't roll that way, they never do sequels, only DLC!

    2. Sure the story might be something new, bu the gameplay would begin to get repetitive. the Behemoth is known for reviving old arcade genres, why not expect anything less than a brilliant revival of another genre?

    3. Sequels have a reputation for being worse than the original (with the exception of Fable II, Gears of War 2, and Fallout 3 of course)

    Those are all I could come up with at the moment.

    Are they really a prominent enough company that has been around so long that we can deem them as "always" or "never" doing anything?

    But sequels please.