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  1. They're technically different threads. The one you posted regards outlandish levels that would be cast out of brainstorming sessions first thing. This thread is full of possible level ideas that are not necessarily outlandish. It's sneakily different...
  2. He made this thread before the other thread had been locked. Just so you know.
  3. Arena, Quaff, and Medic achievements are the only ones I need. And I can host XBL games.
  4. Banned for actually going through that.
  5. Phenomenal idea mate. Talk to Powers and Fiddler as well as Chris and they should be able to do you a solid. Good luck broseph.
  6. Why does everyone dig the Painter so much?
  7. ...should have just made the title about the TU and it would have been locked within minutes. Haha.
  8. A mixture between a Mario-Esque sky level and THIS ONE!
  9. Banned for banning a banner who was banning a banner who was banning a banning banner who banned a banner that forgot to ban.
  10. I still want to get my achievements but after that...I'll still play it because I want to.
  11. This is a coincidence. Happened to my friend as well when he was playing with me. The animal orbs don't change at all. But there is a thread going that people have been pitching ideas on the subject. Check it out.
  12. Doubtful. With the game being launched already, and the known technical issues, it will definitely get some attention but not as much as we would like to see.
  13. It'd be awesome if you could exchange bows like you can with the primary weapons.
  14. That's sketchy. Just go Wacom and get good quality for a reasonable price.
  15. This wasn't covered in my DLC 130 class this semester! I don't know if I can take it! Sorry broseph but it probably won't happen like that. Characters and weapons. Sorry.
  16. Er...sort of but not really. It's still not completely fixed.
  17. He should be able to spit like the Camel Mount when you press RT+B. I think it'd be funny.
  18. BOO YAH! GLITCH LAYIN' THE SMACKETH DOWN!!! Get your agility up all the way and try and beat him out the door just to see what happens and let us know. I know you can't hit the King to make him drop the scepter. I tried several times to no avail. So maybe you can beat him out the door and more nothing will happen.
  19. Yeah. Big misunderstanding by an elderly Black woman. Not a big deal. But there is another thread going on this subject if you'd like to check it out. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2248
  20. That's really sad that it's not super awesome or anything. I'd go so far to say as it's upsetting.
  21. Not pointing any fingers here, man. I make fun of racism all the time. I grew up around it on the receiving end. It wasn't exactly fun and it made me an abrasive individual for a long enough time. But I grew up and I think it's time that everyone else did too.