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  1. ok this is really bad. my xbox wasnt working right so i bought a new one and SWITCH OVER the Hard Drive. When i switched it over, i only had 4 characters and everyone was lvl 1. AND when i start over and lvl and log off EVERYONE FCKING BECOMES LVL 1 AGAIN. SOMEBODY KILL ME T.T. O and on xbox live it still says im lvl 40 so when i try to join xbox game everything freezes up to. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :cry::cry:

    DForce has the answer. It really does work.

  2. BOO YAH! GLITCH LAYIN' THE SMACKETH DOWN!!! :lol: Get your agility up all the way and try and beat him out the door just to see what happens and let us know. I know you can't hit the King to make him drop the scepter. I tried several times to no avail. So maybe you can beat him out the door and more nothing will happen.

  3. lol, im not calling her ignorant, or stupid. just the idea of it being racist.

    Not pointing any fingers here, man. I make fun of racism all the time. I grew up around it on the receiving end. It wasn't exactly fun and it made me an abrasive individual for a long enough time. But I grew up and I think it's time that everyone else did too.