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  1. dude. all u need is a red knight and a fencer/industrialist. me as a red and my frinend bs000 as his blue knight raped the sand lv first time through. but with blue and like lv 80 industrialist it took a few times. but once i got to lv 99. we went threw it with a potion to spare each. soo yeah. insane modes beatable. u just need the right companions. But eventually one would want to beat it with every character, no? I would. Maybe you wouldn't and that's perfectly cool.
  2. That one was my vote broseph. Why else would I talk about it?
  3. Cut her some slack. She's an elderly Black woman that grew up in a time of heated and open racism. Some things are a little hard to get over if you were born directly into those circumstances. Do I agree with her? Not in the slightest. Be that as it may, it's equally insensitive to verbally thrash this woman to no end because she strongly believes Dan Paladin is The Behemoth's Strom Thurmond (I'm not saying you kids are verbally thrashing her but the cats on YouTube s.a.h. were). Before you start calling someone silly or ignorant, try thinking about where they're coming from first. And if their idea sounds ridiculous afterward, then you can make fun of them as long as you see fit. Have a good day. BTW ^^^ That's not even funny.
  4. And so begins another user taking requests of the artistically challenged. Jk. Keep it up broham.
  5. If you have good enough agility and/or magic, you can just stand in a certain place on the hill on the Dragon Boss and shoot him and never get hit. FTW
  6. Banned for reminding me of Beaker from the Muppets!
  7. Lycaon

    3D Castle Crashers

    Nice work broseph. How much "free time" did you have?
  8. This is a very common problem. If you go to the Technical Issues forum, you should be able to find several ways to attempt a fix. Good luck broseph.
  9. Haha. I got 5 wins in a row with my LvL 1 against a 99 and then he got pissed off about it and quit before I could tell him that levels don't matter in online arenas.
  10. Definitely just an allusion to T2: Judgment Day.
  11. Okay...maybe there is some sort of artistic meaning that I'm not getting from this piece...correct me if I'm wrong but is it vulgar just for the sake of being vulgar?
  12. Banned for not banning.
  13. Lycaon

    NEXT GEN 4

    Well the grotesque content can fall under the technical definition of pornography. Nonetheless, I still agree with you Fiddler.
  14. Apparently so. Please explain how. I'm genuinely intrigued.
  15. Banned for not having them.
  16. You got your data wiped. Do you still have all of your unlocked characters? Try signing out and then signing back in on the title screen and see if that works.
  17. They all cheated because they beat my INVISIBLE SIGNATURE!!!
  18. Lycaon

    gimp tips?

    When you downloaded it, you should have also gotten a downloaded manual. Try that and the help icon. I'm not sitting in front of it so I can't be of much more assistance. Sorry.
  19. Slovenly! How dare you *ACTIVATING SUPER SOVIET MISSILES* I dare because it's true. Simple. *Sips lemonade while waiting for missile attack*
  20. A little cross, are we? What I use is Adobe Photoshop CS2 or CS3 depending on which computer I use at work. I use GIMP at home because it's free and an on campus job doesn't allow me to pay for gas, rent, utilities and things that I actually want.