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  1. I read somewhere it was a really rare drop form the Skeletons in the marsh on Insane only. I'd like to get there, but the Desert sucks. Big Time.


    dude. all u need is a red knight and a fencer/industrialist.

    me as a red and my frinend bs000 as his blue knight raped the sand lv first time through. but with blue and like lv 80 industrialist it took a few times. but once i got to lv 99. we went threw it with a potion to spare each. soo yeah. insane modes beatable. u just need the right companions.

    But eventually one would want to beat it with every character, no? I would. Maybe you wouldn't and that's perfectly cool.

  2. Cut her some slack. She's an elderly Black woman that grew up in a time of heated and open racism. Some things are a little hard to get over if you were born directly into those circumstances. Do I agree with her? Not in the slightest. Be that as it may, it's equally insensitive to verbally thrash this woman to no end because she strongly believes Dan Paladin is The Behemoth's Strom Thurmond (I'm not saying you kids are verbally thrashing her but the cats on YouTube s.a.h. were). Before you start calling someone silly or ignorant, try thinking about where they're coming from first. And if their idea sounds ridiculous afterward, then you can make fun of them as long as you see fit. Have a good day. :)

    BTW ^^^ That's not even funny.

  3. um, i like the dragon boss, pretty easy, but the only one that u cant really cheat with? its dead on u got to hit him, doge his fire, and hit him again. good long fight, on insane. but it would be the final wizard. but that onlyy be if he didnt go into stupid baloon mode TWICE! and the spider freaks me out. but there a way to kill it without getting hurt and it die in like 10 seconds, so that dosnt really count. but yeah. dragon boss, ftw

    If you have good enough agility and/or magic, you can just stand in a certain place on the hill on the Dragon Boss and shoot him and never get hit. FTW :?::!: