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  2. Toasterz! -1 Str +3 Mag Burn Damage
  3. Several people do that (come and go) and it's extremely selfish. This really is a case of misunderstanding.
  4. I still would not be able to do it. Again, that's some nice work.
  5. I like the way you think.
  6. You mean instead of losing it once you pass through to certain portions of levels?
  7. First google weapon locations and get a few of the more common ones you don't have. It will take maybe ten minutes.
  8. awsome idea!!!i would like to see that Thanks!
  9. That stuff is hard to work with IMO.
  10. Lycaon


    I couldn't agree more.
  11. Already did! And I may be on later tonight.
  12. Try downloading GIMP. It's a fantastic free drawing program.
  13. I was going to say the same thing. I think the regular DLC and an entirely different game in the future would satiate the seemingly unquenchable thirst of The Behemoth fans.
  14. I like that idea a lot. It'd make the entire experience even more personable than it already is.
  15. Well this here's Castle Crashers and if you don't speak the language, GET OUT! Wait...what?
  16. I was seriously like FTW Haha. What they said. ^^^
  17. Good concept but take into consideration a lvl 3 Bitey Bat that doesn't stop chomping. Don't you think that the Animal Orbs should, in turn for their extreme abilities, get an individual health bar as well? And if they do get that health bar, they should not follow their character as closely so they would be able to be attacked separately. Just a thought.
  18. This is what makes me to believe it's a troll. It's fashioned like the other trolls in the game except it's 20x bigger My thoughts exactly There are such things as earless cats. They're really freaking adorable too and I'm not a cat person. Don't believe me?
  19. So lucky...I've been trying so freakin' hard and Monkeyface hates me. Whatever. I'm not giving up.