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  1. In my opinion, this "CC 2" DLC idea would not be a very wise decision.

    This would basically limit the audience of this game to people who own Castle Crashers. Which means it would only be exposed to about 250,000 (current) Xbox 360 owners. Not all of which would buy it.

    Where as if it was a completely seperate title, it would have much more exposure.

    Plus, if you made a game where you could continue to use your characters it would be broken. People who have levels 50+ could breeze through it, while it would be nearly impossible to beat with a new character. Sure there could be various difficulties but this would take only slow game development.

    I think the most fun in CC is beating the game with a new character, not continuing to use your old one.

    I like the way you think.

  2. You're incredible. Not to massage your ego but I know you know you're good. Anyways, an Orange Knight back to back with a Red Knight on a black background with their magic intertwined spiraling upwards around them and having their eyes lit by their respective magic would be the illest thing since the Beastie Boys. :lol: Just a thought you might want to try out. Keep up the boss work broseph.

    awsome idea!!!i would like to see that

    Thanks! :D

  3. Is there a way to add friends? I don't want to have a top 5 or anything like that, but just a list to add people to (they would have to accept of course) and you can see when they were last online? And leave like public messages on their profile?

    Just an idea.

    I like that idea a lot. It'd make the entire experience even more personable than it already is.

  4. Good concept but take into consideration a lvl 3 Bitey Bat that doesn't stop chomping. Don't you think that the Animal Orbs should, in turn for their extreme abilities, get an individual health bar as well? And if they do get that health bar, they should not follow their character as closely so they would be able to be attacked separately. Just a thought.