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  1. Character...Lycaon (A Greek like figure in a toga). Sorry kids, I know it seems obsessive but I can't help it. Weapon: Crooked Dagger (-2 Str. +3 Mag. +4 Ag.) Animal Orb: A wolf that knocks everyone but the player it's following to the ground. RT+Y: White sound waves that sound like a wolf's howl. RT+B: Single white blast. RT+A: Jumps from something that resembles Mount Olympus.
  2. This idea is only remotely interesting on paper. No offense intended, but I think CC should stick with the 360.
  3. Psh. Who reads the credits? That's for people that actually want to be completely grounded in their arguments and complaints that the patch is taking too long. Shame on you for making sense!
  4. SoL means $hit outta luck. Sorry dude, but since it didn't are SoL. Tough break man. I wouldn't wish the data loss on most people.
  5. Banned for banning the website.
  6. Try starting CC while logged in. And then once you're in, log out without revisiting the dashboard and then log back in. If that doesn't work then you may be SoL. Sorry broseph.
  7. As am I, sir. As am I.
  8. I was wondering where to get the post sigs. I'm glad this got updated so I finally found out. Thanks Glitch!
  9. Definitely full agility to bow your way through.
  10. Banned for making me feel like an arse for having those conversations.
  11. Solid. Spread the slang to every corner of the world! That way, we can all say broseph, broham, boss, dig, solid, and sweet-@$$ like there's NO TOMORROW!
  12. Those are pretty sick broseph. How about The Beholder and BiPolar Bear as a Wallpaper? Keep up the good work!
  13. Glad to see someone loves Veggie Tales as well. I don't feel quite so dorky now.
  14. Make some more...but do well in school too...but make more first!
  15. Diiglet, which character are you going to level next?
  16. Yeah! Haha. I don't see why people get so bent out of shape about this stuff.
  17. Could you toy with this idea? Peasant with wild black hair and crazy bloodshot eyes. Some sort of crazed facial expression to go along with that. Black straight jacket with white trim. An owl-esque orb holding a sirenge in its beak/talons. Just a thought.
  18. Oh ok lol . Well, thanks, I guess. You're welcome.