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  1. Character...Lycaon (A Greek like figure in a toga). Sorry kids, I know it seems obsessive but I can't help it.

    Weapon: Crooked Dagger (-2 Str. +3 Mag. +4 Ag.)

    Animal Orb: A wolf that knocks everyone but the player it's following to the ground.

    RT+Y: White sound waves that sound like a wolf's howl.

    RT+B: Single white blast.

    RT+A: Jumps from something that resembles Mount Olympus.

  2. There's at least 3 companies involved in testing between creating a patch and pushing it to Live (see the end credits for every Xbox game ever). Forgive the Behemoth for not having all the details.

    Psh. Who reads the credits? That's for people that actually want to be completely grounded in their arguments and complaints that the patch is taking too long. Shame on you for making sense! :P

  3. Boss means it's top of the line amazing. Synonymous with sweet. And broham is a modern day vernacular euphemism as a term of endearment. Synonymous with brother. Pronounced Bro-Ham. :lol: I forget that I don't know people on here and they don't know how I talk.

    Oh ok lol :lol: . Well, thanks, I guess. ;)

    You're welcome.