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  1. I'd bet 80% of the people playing have JUST downloaded it. Most people get 2-3 days of it and push the delete button. I base this on asking 30 different people who have downloaded it, and out of 30, only 12 still had it, and only 4 still played. I still play it, I've had it since release, because it is made of god and win. I'd say because of the character build limitations, most PVPers get bored. I don't even play the arena anymore, it's too boring. We have Soul Calibur IV for that kind of combat system. The only joy left, is playing the main story with newbies. We need an overhaul in DLC to save this one.
  2. That is not always true. The point I was making is; the ability to strategically plan your characters attributes effectively and use them in the arena makes for a much more intense battle. Considering your next battle may be against an archer who is packing magic as a secret weapon. Typical, age old battles of "evened" characters is stale. what makes a good fighter game fun is the edge one player has over another. and that a skilled wise player will always beat the unskilled noob? in the equal setup anyone can win. i dont really like that idea. but i guess its better for everyone. I half agree with you. But this "equal grounds" stuff reeks of a mob of people who suck too much to design a proper fighter.
  3. Well, that explains everything. I'm just not going to bother discussing this anymore because MMORPG players and Fightan game players never agree on anything regarding competition. No point trying to sell WoW to a Street Fighter player or selling Street Fighter to a WoW player. WoW is not a true hack and slasher. I was talking about Dark Ages, or any number of stat based character development.
  4. That is exactly the reason why the hardcore PVP hack and slashers play MMORPG's instead of console based games. Maybe I should just shift my project into an extreme PVP hack and slash. Maybe the CC founder can turn me on as to how microsoft live picked him up.
  5. This is peaceful. Just seems to me that amateurs rely on a crutched system of "everyone being equal". Where is the love for the pros?
  6. Everything you listed is EXACTLY why it's so great. Choose your builds wisely, and if you're so "skilled", you wont have a problem marking your opponents strategy, and forming a counter attack based off of their movement. Because if you haven't noticed, arrows arent rapid fire while jumping, and arrows fired on the ground are easily evaded by using a magic jump, then sending a flame, or lightning orb etc to the spot you expect your opponent to be next. A real brute would be an all Attack/Agility build. You lack a defense, yet you are swift and powerful, like an assassin. Do you see why creating custom builds is so much funner now?
  7. I wouldn't mind this kind of thing either, but it would require a whole lot more patching if they did this. I think for now it would be best for them to just deal with the currently imbalanced characters, and leave imbalanced specs for another project. Dude, you'd be shocked at how easy it really is to alter such a simple game
  8. That is not always true. The point I was making is; the ability to strategically plan your characters attributes effectively and use them in the arena makes for a much more intense battle. Considering your next battle may be against an archer who is packing magic as a secret weapon. Typical, age old battles of "evened" characters is stale.
  9. Well, some people have wives. And kids. And those things are hard to balance with coding as well. I'm married, I have a 3 month old son, I'm fully aware of what it takes to do hard coding and run a house hold. I spend at least 5 hours a day dedicated to my project, and some days I spend tweaking existing code, and other days I accomplish 1/3 more of the total project size. I don't have a team working with me, I also don't know how to even begin to get Xbox live to host a game. But to the point, I'm sure castle Crashers has paid VERY well thus far, and therefor, having a solid income, most wives would be understanding of the time needed to dedicate to bringing home the bacon.
  10. I'm a game developer myself, and depending on how they've glued the code together, it wouldn't be that difficult to change these features to balance the system out. They have a team of people working on this project, and they could easily double the size of this game in a week. I have a hard time fathoming why they've decided to stay on such a small scale, given the current success of this game. In the least, 200,000 people have downloaded this game, each paying out 15 bucks, so why isn't there a team working around the clock to develop this game into epic proportions? Two versions of the game would be a bit much, yes. But the replay value of the existing product is only average value to most gamers. This, in my opinion, is a game developed by a genius who now has the potential to dominate the hack and slash, rpg, and fighting genres with our beloved warriors. I would take this and run with it in a heart beat. Originality isn't my strong suit.
  11. I guess it just sucks a bit that we cant both rely on reflexes and strategy and a unique character build. It would make single player mode so much fun. Having an archer, a melee, a mage and an all arounder. We really lack the abilities of a healer though. Maybe there could be different versions of the game? x2 games = x2 the downloads = x2 money
  12. Yes it's nice to be a God, but where is the skill involvement?
  13. The biggest drag about the game is the leveling system in conflict with the arena. Character builds are all basically the same once in arena combat. I am a 99, I fought a level 30 and he did the same amount of damage to me as I gave him. Now I'm not the best competitor, but I don't suck, and the 30 beat me. a 70 level gap should of made me immune to his attacks, but it doesn't. What I'm thinking is a level 51 cap, but instead of giving a perfect amount of stats to max everything, cap the stats given to 1/2 that amount. This would make for incredibly unique character builds, and thus take arena combat to entirely new levels. It would also attract the hardcore PVP gamers to partake in a game featuring an MMO type character system. *edit* This would also make Insane mode far from being a joke that can be solo'd, and thus make the party system vital. Does anyone else concur?
  14. I cant imagine these additions would be worth while even. Instead of bizarre weapons that breach the genre of the game, we could use more useful pets, or even it wouldn't hurt to just add a customizable character option. Why do games always introduce useless things?
  15. Are we going to see additions to the main story quest in the near future? The main story was so short, but so awesome, I hope we're going to see way more DLC in the extreme near future. Does anyone know of any developements in the process? Takes me back to "Super columbine massacre". A short, but awesome game.