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  1. Thx to Bigg P For the Scepter And thanks to BaBaBaBlazin420 for the Bloodstained Sword PS: Add me if you want any weapons ! i have all
  2. STFU i said that that was a joke and the topic is close just read .. newb
  3. Lol... DarthKirby you give me it but ... 8-( he dissapear! OMGWTFBBQ did you know why?
  4. Darthkirby would you give me the King scepters? GT:BlackHunter95
  6. Hi i post to ask when WILL we have a 1st DLC pack god ... 21 days after the games is release and zero patch or something else like thats We only want An Official DATE! PS: All the community of the forum GIVE a lot of idea of DLC's pack so why you can't afford some?
  7. Yea goldsun That's what you mean, I would like to have a " Secret Pack 1 " and to find the secrets in it !.I would not like to have the new stuff ( in DLC packs ) without search it ! PS:Hellvector That's right English is only my second languages Im french From Quebec
  8. Ooops i forgot , in thats DLC Don't forgot to Add some new X and active the X at the end of the games!
  9. Hey everyone everyone know that i LOVE Secrets! and i eat secret each morning! so i Decide to give An idea to do DLC of secret things in the world of CC Including some new levels with a LOT of secret in him. Like you will to first, found the pets that discovers this style of secrets and POOOW!!! Secret weapons, Orbs, and i don't know Secret boss and maybe New arenas for new Characters and BLA BLA BLA you know? And agreed it
  10. AHahahah Thx to have confirmed Dan but that really really sadly I'm crying right now !
  11. Hi I'm BlackHunter95 I'm french, im from Quebec And i am a BIG fan of the behemot teams My favorite Characters is the king and IM ADDICTED AT SECRET I EAT SECRET AND EASTER EGGS MOUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ^^ GT: BlackHunter95 PS: If i do fault sorry i'm not Perfect in english
  12. Lol .. Are you a Creator of this game so.. why are you sure that is nothing in here?!
  13. Yea i fully think thats was nothing at the X but i want a confirmation for the admin
  14. And Reaction you wanna have pics i really past it 100 loving percent include insane mode but i dont play it xbox live just Split screen ( at four ). I past it cause i really admire the behemots team cause normally i never buy Xboxlive arcrade games but when i see Castle Crashers ! i said I BUY IT !!! PS: You're just jealous Reactionn