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  1. DowncastSlander

    Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    he has brown hair for avatar
  2. DowncastSlander

    Data Loss Issues: YOU ARE JUSTICE!

    lost ALL data like zip left nada, zero. and ugh its annoying the helkz out of me >_> so if u can fix, HOORAH
  3. DowncastSlander

    CHALLANGE: Design Kelly a Signature!!

    uhhhh sorta fiddler
  4. DowncastSlander

    CHALLANGE: Design Kelly a Signature!!

    ok so. how do you even make those awesome sigs so i can make one of my own just draw it and do some stuff to it? or... help me out peoples lol.
  5. DowncastSlander

    VOLLEY-BALL! DLC Minigame Idea! *UPDATED

    Not quite sure what you mean by this idea... so im saying glitch that the painter can paint a person from the game like a knight and have them attack you so the person will have an easier time scoring and itll be more challenging.
  6. lol OR maybe try a big town close to michigan? like im makin a vid on Green Knight's day off or w/e (vid response to urs and credits on urs to lol.) but i like the aquarium because of the awesome fish, or the baseball game
  7. DowncastSlander

    Pop up and say helloz?!

    i thought it was a dinosaur to lol when i first got it i was online w/ friend it worked perfectly and i yelled into my mic "holy crap its a dinosaur!!!!!!!!"
  8. DowncastSlander

    NoobToob Review for Castle Crashers (Two Thumbs Down)

    hey dan i get 3 of my diabetic friends (im one to were all T1 type one..) and i call them and i go to the store and get diet cokes ect... and food and we play all night but they're review was dumb as heck they were like focusing on all the things that were bad (but u guys r working on it) and i was like screw them this is a fun as heck game lol best game so far on my list!
  9. im in GT: DowncastSlander but im only lvl like 67 ill b owned in like 2 sec
  10. DowncastSlander

    Barbarian's Day Off

    hey im going to make Green Knight's day off in Boise, Idaho soon... ill put it on profile soon... Doing it during my 4 day break next weekend
  11. DowncastSlander

    When is dlc being released?

    pateince my fellow castle crashers like wat the guy said "Dan has to draw EVERYTHING!!!" but it would be awesome if there were more areas on the map because i was confused at the 2nd part of the map where the sea monster was i was like hey that could be a lvl
  12. DowncastSlander

    Alien Weapon

    lol i need alien gun
  13. DowncastSlander

    Castle Crashers DS.

    ya im confused at the idea of the touch screen and 7 items...
  14. DowncastSlander

    Which Castle Crasher Did You Start With?

    well i chose the green knight because i was oh green!!! bleeping awesome so i stuck with green then gray...
  15. lol im 13 >_> im not that ill mannered... i act 15 my 16 yr old sis says but then again she lies to me alot... XD