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  1. b1oOd oN a CoB

    Say one good thing about the avatar or signature above yours

    Your knight has horns!?!?!?
  2. b1oOd oN a CoB

    VOLLEY-BALL! DLC Minigame Idea! *UPDATED

    Great idea I would DL
  3. b1oOd oN a CoB

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Hey whats up peoples!?!? I'm ready to join the fraternity
  4. b1oOd oN a CoB

    Alien Ray Guy

    If I remember correctly...go to the stats screen when on the map and there should be a reset option.
  5. b1oOd oN a CoB

    Post your current Level

    67-Blue Knight
  6. b1oOd oN a CoB

    CC Gaia Item?

    I would want to see it..... Gods of behemoth rain down on this thread!!!!
  7. b1oOd oN a CoB

    Castle Crashers Lego?

    I guess I would. Sounds like a pretty awesome idea, but then of course wouldn't you rather want ANOTHER game from Behemoth than Legos?