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  1. Branndox

    Necromancer FAQ

    The necromancer dlc pack has the necromancer(of course), the wizard minion, and two new weapons and a new animal orb I think
  2. Branndox


  3. Branndox

    Dan Paladin, Please Read...

    Thats awesome
  4. Branndox


    How many players is alien hominid?
  5. Branndox

    Question for Game Creators.

    I dont know what those are called but I do that too whenever I get knocked back, what I do is jump right when I hit the floor
  6. Branndox

    2010 lolwut?!

    same here
  7. Branndox

    IGN plays Game#3 Article HERE!!!!!

    So I was right about the character customization on the head and all that.
  8. Branndox

    Mario brothers clone?

    I hope its four players with characters that you can create
  9. Branndox

    Trailer Deconstruction

    I think and hope its a multiplayer game where you can create your own character, by choosing his color, head shape, and design and that the object of the game is to complete the level in a certain amount of time
  10. Branndox

    Updates on the DLC???

    What if when the necromancer revives people he doesnt do cpr but uses his magic instead? That would be cool
  11. Branndox

    The Official Necromancer Fan Club

    Necromancer loves me
  12. Branndox

    Vote for your favorite song!

    I vote for the necromancer's song(simple sight instrumental)
  13. Branndox

    Necromanager 'N' Wizard's Minion

    Who's the necromanager?