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  1. The necromancer dlc pack has the necromancer(of course), the wizard minion, and two new weapons and a new animal orb I think
  2. How many players is alien hominid?
  3. I dont know what those are called but I do that too whenever I get knocked back, what I do is jump right when I hit the floor
  4. So I was right about the character customization on the head and all that.
  5. I hope its four players with characters that you can create
  6. I think and hope its a multiplayer game where you can create your own character, by choosing his color, head shape, and design and that the object of the game is to complete the level in a certain amount of time
  7. What if when the necromancer revives people he doesnt do cpr but uses his magic instead? That would be cool
  8. I vote for the necromancer's song(simple sight instrumental)