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  1. I think a modded xbox360 was behind the rubber handled/blood stained sword and kings scepter. please. if that were the case. we would have the chainsaw aswell. and sh*t tons of youtube videos.
  2. thats not true? i play online all the time? iv only lost my pets and wepons once. but i got em all back. just make sure u back out to the arcade b4 u turn off the xbox, dont accept game invites unless you are in the main menu. i mean, its not hard to do to keep ur stuff safe? just have to play it smart.
  3. do u no how many things have jumped or flown over the moon in the pasts 100 years? lets start with a few, a cow santa um...E.T. lol ok so there are more. but i cant think of any. but u get what im saying. there isnt just one thing it could be referenced to.
  4. yeah. hes just in your basement. with a sharpie. but....i thought i killed the stupid necromancer? like 47 times? shouldnt he be dead by now? and whynot a new villin? why bring back the necromancer?
  5. i just dont understand what yall f**tards are still yabbering about? wtf if the boomerang glitch never existed? then what? u wouldnt play this game? because u couldnt cheat at it? wtf? play the game the right way or dont play it at all. and i dont care if u only have 1 hour a day to play, it shouldnt matter! u shouldnt be playing games if u have kids u need to be taking care of. if u can get a few hours alone, then by all means, play some games. but dont expect to beat them or anything at the same rate others can? sure the boomerange glitch is nice, get a few 99's under the belt. but dont depend on the thing? exspecialy if its going to be gone within a few weeks. SO STOP COMPLANING! if the stupid glitch was never found out in the first place, u wouldnt be wineing would you?
  6. Thanks. I love my sig 2! And thanks for all the answers. I new why a ping was. But I always thought the higher the better? Cause that was the amount of packets returned? more packets returned the better? I guess it just didn't make sence. Skulls make sence to. But someone once said itwas the amount of criticals. Owell. Makesbetter sence this way. And finaly, there is a picture that got out that had dlc content on it. But I saw every thing but the chainsaw. So it threw me off.
  7. k. So if been trying to figure out a few things sence I got the game. One was in multi player. On the left side all of them in the ping column had a number. And I can't figure out what's better a higher ping or smaller ping? Because iv been with a 23 ping. And never got droped but an over 200 ping and didn't get drop eather? But I have been droped with both high and low numbers. So what exactly is the ping number good for? Next up is the skulls at the end of each boss or lv. I thought it was people killd. But I don't think so? Maybe it's final blow kill? I have not heard one word about the chainsaw anymore? Is it even comming on the dlc anymore?
  8. i i like haveing a few low lvs to play with people. i like having a few lv 1's for when people whant to start a new person i can help. its awlways fun to play with people and start anew.
  9. i dont think u understand. the king WASNT suposed to drop it. its not suposed to be a RANDOM drop. it was suposed to be in the DLC. the people who made the game didnt even think it was a possiblitiy for it to be droped. so it happend once. maybe twice. but the chances of it being caught on video are so slim. and to be honest. we showed you the proof of what the kelly said. i dont understand how you cant get it through ur thick skull? and frankly i dont care. but stop spamming the forums with bullcrap thats allready been prooven true?
  10. wow. i will deff be the first to kiss that princess to see what happens and post a video on youtube. lawl
  11. Yup. Beat the game with a high lv friend. And ur going to have to beat the game alot to unlock everything. So I'd say the best thing to do is get good at beatig tv game fast yourself? Then run through it. Max out str and some def before 20. Then Magic till 30 for final Boss and a few other bosseswere magic helps. U don't need maxed def or agility to beat the game faster.
  12. gears 2 isn't out yet? How do u no it won't fail? And halo 2 was good? Most popular online game of all time on the xbox.
  13. But there's a catch. Each post has to have meaning. Otherwise it's usless. No double posting eather. Someone has to reply before u can reply. And. Ur topics have to have meaning. If u reach 10,000 legit posts, I'll do something cool. Like something. I'll figure it out when u get 8,000 posts