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  1. Came here expecting the above video, where all the characters look pretty beefed up as standard lol.
  2. Can we get a recent post list on the sidebar, same as how there is a recent thread list? Would be nice and probably indirectly influence more posts (people see new posts, want to read and respond).
  3. People have been asking about this since as long as this forum has been around. Just don't be a dick.
  4. I'm not too bothered about DLC for BBT, especially when the level editor exists and is intergrated how it is into the game (Furbottom's Feature). Only addition that I would care for is maybe 2 new chapters, but they would have to include new block types. Castle Crashers never really saw DLC (well, a few characters, but I don't count that as download content) and I bought that game twice, still worth
  5. I think its a great idea, adds some kind of rarity to the game's Heads instead of people just having the full set of Heads after a couple of weeks. Making a few of the rare actually gives them some 'Star Head' status, instead of just being another set of Heads to farm. Regarding the Summer Sale I don't mind, gives you something extra for spending money, alongside getting a lot of awesome games for really cheap. I personally didn't spend anything, but the Head rarity is just another bargain I look forward to.
  6. That's alright, its £0.57 for me so I guess I save $0.10 being in the UK
  7. Blink 182, All the small things. "Television rules the nation"
  8. I checked out the site, picked an egg and then looked at its heritage. Apparently its the great-grandchild of a Charizard Clone...
  9. Banned because you have more posts than me.
  10. Lol... no. It might be a dude, like donut from redvsblue.
  11. ive heard minervas den is good.
  12. nice job, looks awesome, but its a shame that the colours in the title dont match the order of colours the knights stand in in the line.
  13. montages are so over done nowadays, they were alot more fun when it was gears 1 and cod4, now people in every match you play are spinning around and poop trying to montage you
  14. Must be wonderful. I hate braces. 75% of my life so far has been dominated by dental poop. I hate it. To add to that, I'm going to have to get braces AGAIN in a couple months. And what is it for? Nothing. All they want is money. All my parents want is perfection. So what if my teeth resemble those of a rabid dog? It's better than feeling like poop every day from having to wear a massive artificial jaw-adjuster. your teeth look crap after youve had braces? dont eat rocks. and if your parents are paying loads of cash for them, again, you should try to take more care of them. just sayin. why do you feel poop every day with braces?