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  1. Okay I'm going to clear this mess up. First off you should be able to keep the weapons due to the fact that their coding is in your game and when you pick them up they should stay unless you were disconnected/quit from the live game without saving or your save was corrupted somehow. Second the King's Scepter was hacked by someone and then the reasoning was that it was dropped by him when he died. The rubber handle sword was hacked as well. I know this because I've had the game for a year and pretty much met the right people. ;P I also have 162k gold and all characters gold skulled except the Necromancer who is currently 53 with a white one.
  2. Dude I was told by the man above don't question it, just accept it. Yes that means there is no LINK jheese why do you need confirmation for everything.
  3. Its about time It's coming out on the 27th of this month.
  4. As long as it comes out before I die then, and only then, will I be happy... I've beaten insane with all but two characters... I would like to say I've beaten the game 100% before I die.
  5. Saracen is easy with another person I pretty much did em all with FenixStryk and it was a joke since he can solo insane mode and I can get all the way up to the Necromancer with the Green Knight. Anyone need help email me at and I'll come on live just to help ya.
  6. I have every character with a gold skull and I got them all legit there all lvl 99 with full exp bars and I have 150,000 gold to prove it.
  7. 154,000 + That's from beating Insane w/ all characters.
  8. Its random IMO and I just ran around and got all of them before I even beat insane once.
  9. Okay we have no idea when this DLC is coming out so I would like to know when you, the fans, think that this DLC will come out. Post your vote! Maybe this will attact Dan, Kelly, or Toms attention!
  10. See I have a mega bet that Game #3 will come out be4 the Necromancer pack. So don't get your hopes up.
  11. Yeah you only need 1 achievement so the go to your friends house and get an achievement works.
  12. Giraffy gives you 2 exp per hit doubling your exp Example 5 hits = 5 exp 5 hits w/ giraffy = 10 exp
  13. Once I beat insane mode with them and get them to level 99 full exp bar then I'm officially 100% done.
  14. I know spanish and am willing to help any newcomers (I only use the green knight) porque yo completed el juego con todos los characters... I'm a little rusty especially with spelling, but i'm here to help Gamertag = SirDarkened
  15. This has already been posted next time look before you post please.