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  1. The Necromancer!!! I'm screwed when I have to face him on insane!
  2. I have none;I have a lvl 93 red knight, but I'ma stop playing as him since I don't want a red knight to show up as my lvl 99 on the leaderboards.
  3. High School. It's my parents policy however.
  4. Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday or Wednesday. Sorry bud, I can't play during weeks because of school.
  5. Would anyone be willing to play In sane Mode with me from the Cyclops Cave level? Thanks Oh and if you don't wanna play Insane and just wanna beat the game with characters who haven't beaten the game yet, I'm open to that too.
  6. Viscano

    fav boss

    I like all of them! But if I had to choose, I'd choose the Groom.
  7. Mini Medusa! Magic would, of course, be throwing snakes.
  8. Alright I'm going online NOW and anyone who wants to join notify me NOW!
  9. So once again, I need people... Post here then send me a Friend request and I'll invite you.
  10. WERD SON, msg me i wanna lvl up teh alien well iwas kinda thinking of lvling up characters who unlock something...
  11. I'm just playing through to unlock everyone, and if you still need to unlock a few, send a friend request my way.(GT: Viscano) I'm looking for three other people, but if I can't find that many, than we'll just go with less people.
  12. That would be cool, but I don't think it's happening.