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  1. Extremely well done. Can't wait to see it completed!
  2. Winners of scheduled tournaments should have their very own forum group to show off!
  3. Bummer but thanks for the fast reply though. I'll just hold off on playing CC till you guys are done with the title update. On a positive note, it'll give me a chance to finish up AH:HD.
  4. This isn't really a problem but more of a question. My 360 Elite just died. Since the warranty is up I was thinking about just buying a new 360 Arcade and plopping in my old hard drive. My question is, is there a real chance my gamesave might be corrupted if I do this? I know it's hypothetical, but I want to know if people have had problems with this. So far my game save has NEVER been corrupted since the launch of CC and I'd like to keep it that way. I really love this game and I see myself playing for months down the road. I'm sorry if this is perceived as pessimistic or whiny. I'm just curious.
  5. Would making a CC version of this guy be too hard?
  6. I have a question. Is the stand included with the figures? Not the plastic case surrounding it, because I know that's not included... I mean the little stand to place the weapons.
  7. Everyone at The Behemoth deserves it. Gratz!
  8. Bloodshot

    Death knight.

    Man, I wish THAT was an unlockable character. Great job!
  9. I love the pirate ship simply because of the music. It's that badass!
  10. I think the official name for them is conehead and 'periwinkle knight' was just a joke nickname or something. I vaguely remember reading it somewhere here..
  11. Sweet! I didn't know you could do that. I lol'd pretty hard in real life over your post
  12. Did a majority of us CC players grow up in the 90's? I think that's why I'm so drawn to this game. It's got this wonderful familiar feeling to it that I just can't place. Reminds me of a cross between an awesome Saturday morning cartoon and a genesis or snes sidescroller.
  13. That looks amazing. Seriously. I took a look at your other works and they are equally awesome.
  14. Level 99 Red Knight here. I'm definitely interested if you need help. (I'm stuck on lava world myself)
  15. I've got around 14,000 right now. If only I could share with my buddies online. Poor bastards can barely afford 2 potions let alone five.