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  1. Since I've pretty well made what feels like a career out of writing about this kind of thing in between motivating people to work with me on games, and school, I think it's only appropriate that I add my two cents in this domain. In lieu of writing another mini thesis on the topic, I will attempt to summarise what I think makes a great game into one small digestible paragraph, taking you through the process in which I would analyse something like this. Defining this kind of thing is inherently difficult since many different games will be complimented by a quite varied array of assets, however sometimes great assets can be squandered when paired with comparatively poor implementation or features. My current favourite case is Borderlands. This is one of these games I'd like to be good - for the sake of the game, and the integrity of Gearbox, however I found myself quite disappointed. The reason was not because it was not fun to play, or was lacking impressive visuals, it was just because it really lacked a great deal of attention to detail. Story is something that I think is generally integral to an exceptionally good gameplay experience, and this is something that was sorely lacking in Borderlands, however the story was really just the trigger to the events that lead me to vow to never play that game again. It was at the point where I first met the Crimson Guard; I'd heard some of them throughout the game and I was expecting some kind of significance to their existence. However, when I first encountered them they were just there, standing around like every other character in the game, their personalities reeking on the cardboard boxes from which there were fashioned. My second point aside from the glaring issue of poor story and characterisation, is Gearboxes dependence on the visual style as a selling point. The visuals in borderlands are impressive and stylish, however they do nothing in conveying any kind of atmosphere and in turn give the entire game this kind of uncomfortable sterile feel. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, something like Deus Ex still impresses me with its advanced literary and plot devices, quality voice acting and interesting gameplay style. Conversely, it looks terrible in comparison to today's graphical potential, but this is something I hardly find bothering considering it is so heavily outweighed by so many other excellent features that both aid in immersion, and treat the player with intelligence.
  2. Hahah, very nice. Happy birthday Dan, best of luck with your future Behemothing.
  3. Looks like they've made some interesting improvements upon the original
  4. To be honest, I found my art style, and I hope you don't mind, by emulating Dans art style, and when I could draw pretty closely to his standard, I branched out, chopped and changed. The reason why I did this is that my drawings needed structure since I thought they looked pretty much horrible, but from learning something I thought looked good allowed me to develop my own set of guidelines to accompany my style, good luck with the drawing, if you want any examples of my styles progression, feel free to ask What I find perplexing is that even though I can consistently draw to a pretty decent standard, my handwriting is always quite bad unless I go slowly and put effort into it, must be the doctor genes. EDIT Maybe you have to be left handed
  5. No idea Tool, woops, sorry... urm, The Fratellis
  6. Queensland, Australia - It just got to 36 degrees celcius on a Winters day , aint Australia grand?
  7. C'mon, Dan, appease the poor folk, but seriously, I'd be really quite interested to know roughly how many frames of animation would go into a game this size, and could you also give me a bit of a hint as to how you replaced the character models while still using the same animations? I haven't really had the time to get acquainted with some of the more complex features of Flash
  8. Hold on, I'm actually going to work this out: alright - around 28 playable, characters, 22 bosses (who roughly have 3 attacks each and have a run and a jump[50 frames x 22 {1144}]), 14 combos (140 frames), 5 magical attack variants (each character has a custom magical attack making this 5 x 28 x (10)[1400 frames], a run cycle that is adapted to every character (10 frames) and 37 levels [i'm going to say that there is around 2 animated set pieces per level averaging 15 frames [1100 frames]. I'm going to say that each movement cycle averages 10 frames, taking that into account, I've reached a very sketchy grand total of 3794 frames of animation. I could be horribly wrong Ok, I'm going revise my count: Mounts don't do a lot animation wise, and from memory there is only the crocodile and the camel, so 2 animations each, each around 8-10 frames gives the mounts 40 frames; there are 29 animal orbs, there will be diffuclt since some do things, some just give attribute bonueses, so i'm going to give 15 of them 8 frames of animation each, making that 120 frames. Enemy NPCs - bats, slime, trolls, and sandworm, I would say these would gross around 70 frames of animation. Then there's the cutscenes, exluding the long montage cutscene at the end, I'm going to take a stab at 200 frames worth of cutscene since a lot of it could rely on already made symbol animations. Ok, so in revision: 4224 frames of animation based on an educated guess.
  9. theMACHlNATION (be aware that the it is spelt machlnation, not machination.. someone stole my username )
  10. I didn't read a large portion of the thread, but I did happen to catch a glimpse of people insulting each others because of their preference in console, and the fact that it would be unfair to give preference to a certain group at some stage, ie with DLC, additional characters etc. I'm just going off the definition of flaming that states "A response, or series of responses to a post which may be negative or unconstructive in nature". Some quick sketches i did of Death, please ignore the crap thats on the scanner bed.
  11. Fly moon to the moon, and let me sing among the stars, show me what spring is like on....Jupiter and Mars.. In other words.... please carry on, I just thought this thread could use some more Frank Sinatra. And I raise your periscope one submarine.
  12. El_Mustachio93


    I suppose "unsatisfying" was the wrong word since it was interested, I just found it a little too open to interpretation, and it never really reflected the level design and gameplay mechanics. Hey could have inserted some interesting metaphors that related to the aforementioned points, but I suppose it was still "Pleasant".
  13. You know what I've realised? This thread has turned into a 9 page flame war, barring out any decent discussion. I'm not a mod, but for the sake of this threads integrity, please stay on topic , you should be thankful that you got the game before us. Suggestion Death - The athropomorphic personification Reason - Well, you honestly needs someone who can sit in their ivory tower and decide who lives, and who dies... Ranged attack - brings out an hourglass (Terry Pratchett reference) and crushes it causing enemies to be stunned for a duration dictated by it's level. Upgrades include health drain and instant death for a single unit, (just so that it doesn't turn into the ultimate death bringer). Or maybe for a more symbolic approach, Death tosses the hourglass causing it to smash and spill its sand, casuing enemies to slowly sink into its black, writing abyss. Weapon - scythe. Basic attack is a swing, arial attack is a spin, and a certain combo sets the blade spinning as he razes across the ground for above. Jump - a giant bony fist propels him out of the ground, upgrades include smaller bony hands that protrude out of the surrounding ground grabbing enemies and dragging them under/ causing damage.