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  1. Zeybrin


    I don't know if door destruction was one of the purposes but. . . It sure does do the trick. If not intended then that was one cool side effect.
  2. Zeybrin

    Happy Time. *ReaD*

    constructive? I think that concept when the way of the dinosaur back in the industrial age. . . Nope. . . I'm afraid deconstruction is the cool thing these days.
  3. Zeybrin

    NEXT GEN 4

    18 is still technically a teen number. . . So technically he is keeping it somewhat teen appropriate. . . Haha. . . and technically right is the best kind of right. . . but in any case. . DESU! DEAR GOD MY EYES DESU!!!!!
  4. Zeybrin

    Cyclops "Thumbs Up" Reasoning.......FOUND!

    It is most definitely from Terminator 2. . . Cyclops even has part of his glove missing to expose his bare thumb. . . the terminator had that too. . .
  5. Zeybrin

    Golden Sceptor & Blood Stained Sword

    Well an enemy doesn't have to be holding a weapon for it to drop that weapon. . . for instance the mages on the wizard castle interior don't have to be holding the orange rod for them to drop it. . .
  6. Zeybrin

    Golden Sceptor & Blood Stained Sword

    hmmm Interesting. . . I will have to try this. thanks for the info.
  7. Zeybrin

    Maxed out agility

    Yeah. . . I like to max out my agility and then make motor noises when i move around. . .
  8. I'm pretty sure it won't. . . I don't really think that there is a need to remove it. . . Sure its like legit duping buuuuut. . . lol
  9. Zeybrin

    Castle Crashers as a gift?

    You can turn gore off. Castle Crashers, It's the gift that keeps on giving!
  10. SO apparently these weapons have been found. . . Anyone know from where they drop? I also heard this was some kind of exploit. . .
  11. Zeybrin

    Forget Necromancer!

    The seahorse only allows you to move at normal speed through water. . . Not at Micheal Phelps speed. . . lol
  12. Zeybrin

    Need help

    My advice would be to A. Clear your cache on the hard drive. . and B. load up castle crashers, then sign out and sign back in before trying to load up a game.
  13. Zeybrin

    Who here thinks the Alien looks cute :D

    The little alien is very cute. . . But he is even cuter when you put the install ball with him! (well its called install ball on CC anyways lol)
  14. Zeybrin

    thank you behemoth! an homage to your awesomeness!

    Dang. . . you have some artistic talent there dude. . . and by some i mean a lot. . . and by a lot i mean epic amounts. . . You should do the original knights, not necessarily separate, but together like they should be. . . . I can only imagine the epic-ness that you would create with that. . . My favorite so far has been the fencer.
  15. Zeybrin

    Final Boss Guide

    If you are level 50, using the x,x,x,y,y combo on the red crystals damages them immensely. . . Good guide though. . . Didn't think about magic jumping on the spider for some reason. . .