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  1. I don't know if door destruction was one of the purposes but. . . It sure does do the trick. If not intended then that was one cool side effect.
  2. constructive? I think that concept when the way of the dinosaur back in the industrial age. . . Nope. . . I'm afraid deconstruction is the cool thing these days.
  3. Zeybrin

    NEXT GEN 4

    18 is still technically a teen number. . . So technically he is keeping it somewhat teen appropriate. . . Haha. . . and technically right is the best kind of right. . . but in any case. . DESU! DEAR GOD MY EYES DESU!!!!!
  4. It is most definitely from Terminator 2. . . Cyclops even has part of his glove missing to expose his bare thumb. . . the terminator had that too. . .
  5. Well an enemy doesn't have to be holding a weapon for it to drop that weapon. . . for instance the mages on the wizard castle interior don't have to be holding the orange rod for them to drop it. . .
  6. hmmm Interesting. . . I will have to try this. thanks for the info.
  7. Yeah. . . I like to max out my agility and then make motor noises when i move around. . .
  8. I'm pretty sure it won't. . . I don't really think that there is a need to remove it. . . Sure its like legit duping buuuuut. . . lol
  9. You can turn gore off. Castle Crashers, It's the gift that keeps on giving!
  10. SO apparently these weapons have been found. . . Anyone know from where they drop? I also heard this was some kind of exploit. . .
  11. The seahorse only allows you to move at normal speed through water. . . Not at Micheal Phelps speed. . . lol
  12. Zeybrin

    Need help

    My advice would be to A. Clear your cache on the hard drive. . and B. load up castle crashers, then sign out and sign back in before trying to load up a game.
  13. The little alien is very cute. . . But he is even cuter when you put the install ball with him! (well its called install ball on CC anyways lol)
  14. Dang. . . you have some artistic talent there dude. . . and by some i mean a lot. . . and by a lot i mean epic amounts. . . You should do the original knights, not necessarily separate, but together like they should be. . . . I can only imagine the epic-ness that you would create with that. . . My favorite so far has been the fencer.
  15. If you are level 50, using the x,x,x,y,y combo on the red crystals damages them immensely. . . Good guide though. . . Didn't think about magic jumping on the spider for some reason. . .