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  1. I dont understand why it is being taken out...Its a video game what does it matter if you #1 on it how about just play the game to play.. imo the 'Glitch" should stay..Why cus playing the same lvl over and over and over on insane dieing, you could just go "glitch" 1-2 lvls then move on... The only reason its getting taken out is because so many people complained about it....It should just sit there and be used when ever....Cus at this point what does the boomerang actually do? stun the guy... I used the glitch so what it doesnt mean I suck at CC cus I used it.
  2. unbelieveable jouste..These are just plan EPIC.. keep up the good work man.
  3. He's okay... nothing cool about him..The 800msp for the game is worth it so yea I would just get AH.
  4. Just because we do the glitch doesnt mean we dont know how to play....The glitch is fine and should stay imo...Dude youll end up doing it like the rest of us to just get any where in insane mode ... We all play the game normal and shouldnt be limited to o we didnt use the glitch.
  5. IMO. It should stay...what does it matter if you sit in a corner and gain xp all day... not your choice but there's. And you have be lieing to tell anyone here that you never did the glitch...just keep it and keep playing CC. I've done the glitch and the game is still fun with or with out it.
  6. Wow that eskimo is down rite wicked .. Im so using it for a sig. redRAIDER: thanks for the sig it looks BA
  7. I dont understand why you should be afraid to say that you did the boomerang glitch so what....the game is still fun with or without it. 99 is just fin to have
  8. These are EPIC...Im at lose of words... I hope there is an esikmo coming soon
  9. Rebmob, Ill get on tonight and we can play and you can toss me the weapon I need to get the fencer tonight care to help me out
  10. Is anyone one who has it online atm? and could let me pick it up so I can have it?
  11. I still need Medic, Objector, pets, arena, and quaff, and the kissing one. Wow, im prolly missing the easiest ones... Sigh. o well
  12. These keep getting more and more EPIC keep them coming.