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  1. , I don't know what to say apart from this post!
  2. Yes, just like you get alien homind if you've got the game.
  3. So you need to get bbt to get hatty? Well hackers are stupid... It's not out yet, right?
  4. Rage

    Would You Rather?

    Monster, I don't like to be too op. Would you rather be the lord of hell or god?
  5. Rage

    Would You Rather?

    Tiger. Would you be hunted by slenderman or hunt slenderman?
  6. Because it would be impossible to eat a drink, Horsemeat?
  7. Rage

    You're banned!

    Banned for not recognizing stuff.
  8. Alpacka; that was his name. Beer was the drink of his choice. Copper, that was his favorite metal. Day and night, he struggled to keep his mouth shut, for he had a terrible secret waiting to reach the world. Eventually, the police caught him drunk. Fortuantely for him, the police were not very smart, so he managed to escape. Given that he was drunk at the moment of escape, he just ran in circles for five minutes until.... He got ran over by a police car. In jail, Alpacka met a magical puppy named Tiberius IV. Just after he met the puppy, the puppy exploded. Killed Alpacka, the soul of the puppy escaped jail and entered the body of the sheriff. Later that night, the possessed sheriff gathered all the parts of blown Alpacka together and... Murdered an eagle, for that was the puppy's hate. Now he wanders this world, seeking out his next target. Little did he know about... Orland, the barter.
  9. Rage

    Would You Rather?

    Friends murdered, I don't really like my friends all that much. Would you rather watch leekspin for a day or watch the chicken wing song all day.