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  1. His head is moved slightly to much to the right I think, but really good anyways Pea!
  2. I really love Dan Paladin's style of art, but I can't seem to be able to recreate it. So does anyone here have some tips on how I could?
  3. Well that pretty makes him a purely cosmetic character. There is absolutely nothing special about him other than that. Even his splash attack wont hit more than once on 90% of enemies. even when it does hit multiple times, it only something like 4 times, where as characters like the Brute hit about 6 times. Hit burst attack is neat looking, but does nothing special either. I'm hoping the title update gives him some more personalized attacks.
  4. Okay, so I play as the ninja (Real original, I know) and one of he primary reasons I wanted to unlock him was one of the attacks I saw them using on the pirate ship level. IN a puff of smoke, they would disappear leaving behind a wooden dummy of himself. Moments later he would reappear in mid-air and above the dummy. Naturally, I assumed this to be his magic jump. So all excited-like, I quickly got his magic to 20 and pressed RT+Y. That turns out to just be a generic magic jump with a purple cloud. I've tried everything I can think of but nothing seems to use this ability. So now I'm wondering, did I get jipped off? Or is there some other way to unlock it?
  5. Yeah, he does. The ability to hit 11s off the bat is amazing.
  6. Woops, I'm guessing he's more of just an Ancient warrior then. They're all ancient warriors in some sense. He has the two flaps which look like a samurai to me, but in between there is a hair like Mohawk with seems more a gladiator. Maybe Dan just decide to screw around?
  7. Sorry, it's been done already. Behemoth CC is where we hang
  8. Okay everyone, what like to refer to as "List 2.0" is up. It now has the name of the person who suggested it, as well as several new additions that I missed the first time through. If you are wondering why one or more ideas of yours aren't on the list, send me a message with the item's name and that page it is on. I'll try to get back to you as fast as possible. Now get out there and brainstorm some more stuff!
  9. Chibi 27


    Awesome work! Mind if I add it to my DLC ideas list here? I'll credit you and put a link to this thread.
  10. Updated the list again. I'm also going to be adding the name of the first person to suggest it (in this thread) in brackets next to their idea. Please don't complain that you suggested the idea before them and they just posted it in here first, I most likely wont change it.
  11. Chibi 27


    If you dont like all the DLC threads on the same subject popping up, then why did you copy and paste my list into a whole new thread? That has be one of the most hippcritical things I've ever seen. Would a mod please lock this?
  12. Although it may not sound hard to you, I think it would be. Judging from your description, it would need an ally control system, new AI for both allies and enemies and new respawn system. I'm no programmer, but I think something that big is a bit to much.
  13. I'm sure the animations could be redrawn to just have them hug or something. I'd like to see Dan's opinion on it.