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  1. My guess will be for my brother's birthday: June 2, 2009 at 3.30pm
  2. dan, i am fascinated by your artwork. i love all of these tattoo designs especially the business of the barbarian and the king. i am still interested in any green knight artwork you may have lying around for a tattoo. i know you are not taking requests but i just thought i'd keep my name in your graces.
  3. sadness. sadness? THIS! IS! PALADIN! But on a serious note, Dan continues to make us happy with more CC Tattoo sketches. All I need now is a match in arena with him yeah i know, i know i am being a little selfish.
  4. The Green Knight was the first knight I played with and to be honest, I never maxed him out. I went back and used him the other night and the way that I had leveled him up was less than ideal but I love him to death. Seriously Green Knight FTW.
  5. I guess I learned to 'crowd surf' or 'acid rain' if you will with the green knight sooo...
  6. I'm up for it: GT: Etan Lawok (sans the ninja)
  7. Hey Dan, No rush on this one (if you can even do it) but I am looking for a more detailed version of the Green Knight Icon that I have and I want to have it basically leaping off of my calf (possibly with a little of that poison going on). Thanks for helping out the community with their CC tattoos. I've never seen such strong support from developers. If I ever make a game, The Behemoth will serve as my inspiration.
  8. but dan you love the green knight. plus he doesn't get enough love, has anyone looked at that theme... just kidding. but seriously green knight ftw.
  9. honestly once i finish the achievement, i think i am going to be okay with not playing it anymore. only 20 more wins.
  10. I think I understand how you feel but I just keep playing except for right now because my hand is a little tired. I am also experiencing some forum issues.
  11. When he would come up and attack me I would jump and use my area attack, it made short order of him.
  12. i have officially decided along with the other guy in this thread that i don't like you. good day to you madam.