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  1. GT: Damon530 Characters: Lvl 99 Red Knight, Lvl 70 Skeleton, in process of making a new character. Playtime: All the time Looking for: Anything
  2. i found this - http://www.gametabs.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1431
  3. so im trying out the dead panda bear thing and i noticed after using his tornado attack, i cant attack for a couple of seconds. why is this?
  4. no it isnt my favorite game. is it fun? damn right.
  5. alright cool thanks. i just dont have time right now to try it.
  6. ok this is really weird. whenever i play castle crashers, i get all sorts of invites to play online by random people ive never played with or heard of. does this happen to anyone else? maybe its cuz my host is good, people never lag or drop when they play in the games i make.
  7. how the bear magic works. im pretty sure its tornado right? once you have it maxed is it great for crowd control? does it do good damage?
  8. TRULY the only thing i want is a fix for the the online issues, the boomerang level cheat, and the various glitches here and there. anything else is just icing on the cake.
  9. ive beat the game with the skeleton and the red knight, and im going at it again. however i just cant decide between the green knight and the dead bear thing. i know the green knight has really cool poison damage but i really dont care about unlocking the saracen or w/e u get for beating it. on the other hand, the bear is really cool but im not so sure about his magic. anyone know if its good or not? i just dont feel like putting in a couple of hours into him and finding out his magic sux.
  10. poison/acid (w/e he uses) sounds like too much fun. i havent really tried him out, is the magic any good? also is there any other character in this game that uses the same magic? by the way is anyone else extremely disappointed by the fact that like 5 characters use arrows for magic?
  11. im the skeleton and i just beat the game but i dont have insane mode or a new character. i have all the relic artifact things and i have all of the levels with no blinking arrows on them. anyone know?