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  1. @mercuryBD: you read my mind pal! thanks for all the super kind words people! the trailer got me so excited! here's another bit of fan art! i drew it a while ago but could'nt post it due to some browser and hosting problems! it's that monstrous raccoon-beast! ready to much on players who get to close! here we see him drooling on the ground and a player not really understanding what's about to happen! hope you guys like it go behemoth! -jouste here's a bigger version: ... 1265331557
  2. hooray! GIANT congrats to behemoth for that super sexy trailer! i got so stoked for that trailer i had to do up some fan art! cause i'm already a fan of the game! D: here's the sweet guard dude with one of those poor little dudes all chained up! i'm super excited! hope you guys like it and are ready for some more! here's a bigger one for anyone interested: ... 1265089901 thanks all! -jouste
  3. @Zag: kelly's idea of them growing back is a really good one. i honestly didn't think too much about it ;D @kelly: thanks so much! @zugama: thanks pal! @babbity_rabbity: that's looking great! i love the throne on the top, good job! @dexide: wow i'm at a loss for words! thanks pal! @Tyndras: nice profile shot, i'd actually like to see some more f the collar though, it looks like you had some really good ideas going on there for some spacey stuf. @mercuryBD: looking good so far! i want to see that rider now @mabelma: cool looking dude you got here. i like his clothes a lot. nice title work as well. -------- so much good stuff coming out here! lets get some more triceratops down here! if theres some interest i could jot down a quick "draw your own space-triceratops" tutorial to get some people who are a little gun shy on posting something to contribute. either way it's been alot of fun! zounds! here's another! its LASERFOOT! D: he's got a wicked toothpick, superbelt, and LASERCANNONS ON HIS FEET! man is he ever a mean dude. those who oppose the great three-horned book of the triceratops will be getting a big face full of energy blasts from this hombre! here's a bigger picture of him: VVVVVV ... 1264890212 and here's the 500 pixel wide forum image!
  4. @complicated: lol consider yourself friend-ed. @mercuryBD: that actually isn't the first time someone has compared me to creature box. thanks for the compliment! as for what i use i start on a 300dpi sketchbook pro line drawing then color it in photoshop with some hacky wand selections and layer masks. you got some really strong line work, nice and snappy to color. keep up the good work dude! and i may give the snowglobes a shot for fun. @crashingyourcastle: thanks for the welcome back! but you better not NOT post your drawing or i will be sad. start posting those triceratops! @Zag: good to hear from you again pal! thanks for the welcome back! ------- zoundds! another sci-fi teritops! it's STABS THE MISSILE COMMANDER! D: with his super cool horn missiles stabs unloads volley after volley of destruction and disarray to all those who oppose the great space triceratops! here's a bigger one for those that want a bigger pic VVVVVV ... 1264806582 and here's the forum specced missile-launching monster!
  5. @dexide: wow the triceratops bible!? that's probably the greatest honor ever bestowed on me ever. @tyndras: i'll probably post em all together when the three are done ----- and i'm not trying to "art bully" here, i just want to get people excited about making their own awesome triceratops! the mods here are super nice and would never let the contest be judged unfairly i just want to get the creative ideas flowing. egads its another sci-triceratops! it's POKESY THE STAR-GANGSTER! watch out kids, he smokes! D: he also has a really mean deathray mounted on his tail and a very hard to use ray-gun strapped to his side. here's a bigger one for viewing :VVVVVVV: ... 1264742558 and here's the forum formatted one:
  6. man i love the triceratops, very cool contest! up to 3 entries? hmm that sounds good as well. here's my first submission, it's the almighty TRIESLAOPS! combining the awesomeness of tesla and triceratops into one super beast! notice the space engines along the back of this monster, causing him to cruise th e star system at a comfortable warp 4 he uses his tesla-horns to fry and disable ships and space stations to feast on the scrumptious technology inside! VVV here's a bigger version VVV ... 1264733596 and here's one with forum specs! looking good so far all who entered!
  7. wow thanks for all the kind words people! it's so great to have such a friendly community to come to whenever i want! XD so PAX is over and i didn't get a chance to go down and see my favorite developers. *sob* but a good friend of mine (kibble on these boards) got to deliver something of mine to them! i was really excited and got to work straight away. i wanted to get them something that told them that they were awesome at that no matter what trails and tribulations they ever faced they would know that there is an army of fans ready to keep cheering them on. thats us! so i drew up the necromancer with the chainsaw atop a bird statue that has been so shocked by the awesome that it's eyes are bleeding! congratulations on all the awards and devoted fans. so i got it printed out and framed (only 1 print in the world D:) and sent down to that wicked crew at the behemoth! now that the pax weekend is over it's time to share the pic with all you awesome dudes on the forums! (as always before i post my CC stuff anywhere else, it goes here first!) here's the preview image for the forum dimensions... and here's a full size for those who want to take a gander! (highly recommended ;P) ... th_med.jpg i have an even bigger version (300dpi) but i wont upload it unless i get some pms or something cause its a pretty fat image. hope you all like it! -jouste
  8. go behemoth! they just had a chat with my great pal kibble at PAX! but alas, he is a canuck, and us canadians have to go through a lot of red tape to get work in the states. either way, it was so awesome that you guys interviewed him. thanks so much! -jouste
  9. big happy birthday to the super game! i'm picking up this again on my ps3 along with all hte dlc. i should really start just sending you guys weekly checks for how much fun you've been giving me and my pals. long live the giant rooster! mad loves for you all!
  10. @skeleton knight: sure dude! i got all my psds so just take a pick and i'll put one together for ya ;D @Xtr4M1nty: thanks man! is that a signature thing? i love me some awards XD @guru: thanks so much for turning my on the ol' NG site. a great set up there. the people are really friendly and i get a lot more people checking out my stuff and having a good time, that's what its all about! ------- it was just about a year ago when we all sat on our couches or fold-out lawn-chairs patiently waiting for the damn game to come out. i remember amping up everyone i know as the days drew nearer. bottom line it was an exciting time for us behemoth fans. and now that its almost been a year i still feel that same awesome feeling those guys at the giant rooster gave me last year. so here's an early birthday present for everyone over there and everyone that's with me inn saying "hooray for behemoth!" i did up the grenade-spauldered hominid! with the pitchfork! an inside joke i suppose to all those great hominids that reached into the enchanted haystack and never looked back! mad loves to all you guys, thanks so much! hope you like it! preview image... and the big fat one for anyone who wants it! ... omonid.jpg thanks for checking it out everybody!
  11. hey man! i use a cintique 12wx looks like this: ... ay-big.jpg and i draw in sketchbook pro and color in photoshop. i'd draw analogue but i'm super lazy so i usually just stay digital. ------- thanks for all the great comments guys. glad to hear they are enjoyed. i'll get another started soon. and guru my NG page is: thanks! theres some of my alien soldiers on there as well ;D
  12. wow thanks for all the great comments guys! @scaler193: what's wrong with being a little husky? nothing if you can launch fireballs and weild a battle axe! @Darkshadow1: haha, they got an art intern already @llamaross23: cool! glad to hear you're back and that you liek what you see! ------- zap! it's that paralyzing pillager the red knight! sending shocks to rapscallions and electrifying evil-doers! the red guy got a lot of flack cause you could chain zap people in arena and they would never get up because his magic was a little unbalanced. however that did not stop me from drawing him. hope you guys like him! here's a preview image: and here's a bigger version for all you crazies out there! ... 1250512206 oh and i set up a newgrounds thing like you said guru. hopefully i can get scouted soon! man alive is that account thing ever awesome over there. its like you're making an online hoe for yourself! thanks all -jouste
  13. @crashingyourcastle: thanks man! i missed you guys as well. i got back a couple days ago -------- neat-o! its the green knight! the green knight always seemed like a jerk with all teh poisoning so i made him more jerk-like in appearance. he's also got some snake-fang-spaulders as well as the cool mage blade that pumps up your magic skill! enemies beware! the green knight means business! painful, agonizing, and slow business! here's the preview image: and a bigger image for anyone interested! ... 1250157815 thanks for checking out all! -jouste
  14. @castlecrashingguru: i suppose i could submit some stuff there, thanks for the pointers. and it's sounding like it's gonna be a super awesome great time here thanks for the updates! @moogle001: no problem dude! get those pencils out! XD @pedrg93: wicked! *highfives* glad you dig the pose. hopefully you'll like the next few as well ------- by golly its that icicle slinging blue knight! foes best beware as his sub-zero spell stop them right in their tracks! i gave him the katana and made him more focusing on his magic with some custom icy-pauldrons and gauntlets. here's the preview: aaaand here's a bigger one for whoever is interested. ... 1250143814