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  1. He's too cute and I love him Great job!
  2. Hahaa "snap", like a camera, on a phone... Nice to see you around every now and again btw
  3. Wow I never looked until now. That is a crazy amount of views for these forums
  4. The first time I downloaded that game, I played it for 14 hours straight. I uninstalled it immediately after that for fear of my own health and well-being
  5. Hi Evangle, we already have a thread on CCR for PS4 here: Feel free to go post in the above topic, but I'm going to lock this one up as a duplicate
  6. I don't think this thread is going anywhere, so I'm locking it up as spam. Any questions or queries with this, please message me 🙂
  7. I think he was replying to BijuuKage. Anyways, to everyone, please refrain from any more flaming and get back on topic, thanks. 😉
  8. I think a lot of people had similar experiences with this game. I was a little older, going into my early teenage years, but I still look back on all the time spent in this game (solo, local co-op & online co-op) with so much fondness. To the game's (and The Behemoth's) credit, the game still holds up amazingly well today, too...its just tougher to get a bunch of friends together again (irl or online) to play it through these days (because everyone's busy with work or being an adult 😅)
  9. We actually have a topic on CCR Switch here if you wanna' go talk about it
  10. Hi Eddie69, we already have a thread dedicated to CCR PS4 here: So I'm going to lock this one up as a duplicate. Feel free to go post in the thread linked above, though!
  11. Hi Dankee Mamme, copying the link above and pasting it into your browser will only find the image on your local harddrive, meaning it wont work for anyone else but yourself. To show it here on the forums, you can either use the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." button at the bottom of the posting window to upload your image directly, or you can upload your image to a hosting site such as Imgur or Photobucket and then paste that link here instead.
  12. Hey Gmorg. We already have a thread about CCR PS4 here: Locking this one up as a duplicate. Feel free to post your feelings in the thread above.
  13. Hey MonkeyBums, we already have a thread on CCR PS4 here: Locking this up as a duplicate. Feel free to post in the topic above, though!
  14. Hey Keven. We already have an active thread regarding a possible Castle Crashers sequel here: So I'm going to lock this one as a duplicate post. Please feel free to discuss in the thread above, though!